Friday Faves: Polish, Clutches, and Corners!

The week, my list of favorites will make you want a makeover in every way!  From wardrobe to home decor, I can't wait to show you what I've gotten into this week. 

The Polish!

Earlier this month, I stopped in my favorite day spa, Glosshouz in Centennial, for a quick manicure!  While perusing colors, I found a new line of polish and quickly became obsessed with their product.  Not only were the bottles GORGEOUS, the color selection was so diverse and well chosen for each season, I struggled to find a new fall color from their recent releases.  I finally settled on, Doe My Dear, a beautiful grey -- perfect for the upcoming season!  The polish stayed on over a week and the color turned out beautiful.  Needless to say, I snagged one for myself - obviously I needed it to display on my vanity!

The Clutches!

If you read my recent post on "White After Labor Day", than you fully understand the importance of accessorizing your outfit to polish off your look.  Clutches, handbags, and wallets can add just the right amount of color or add a texture you were missing to complete your ensemble.  This week, I put together a list of my current favorites for you!  Each of these pieces has a unique feel, color, and tone, but could be mixed and matched with the same outfit!  They are perfect additions for your fall wardrobe and the quality is amazing.  Varying in price, you may want to check them out HERE, or stop by Intrigue Boutique in the Highlands to shop them.  If your from Colorado and love to SHOP LOCAL... this is your golden hour!

The Corners!

This week, I'm opening our doors and sharing one of my favorite corners!  The sleek, modern look has a clean feel in all the right ways.  I love how the legs on this chair pull from my sense of style, but the low profile and neutral color pallet compliment Andrew's taste!  Adding a fun patterned pillow kept the feel of the room colorful and inviting.  The cow hide rug and the rustic flower pot toned down the coolness of the room, rounding off the look!  

Weekend Wrap Up -- Shopping, Spas, and Shoots!

Today’s update is packed full of fun and great to know happenings in my world!!  The weekend started with an awesome date night at a friends for some light bites and cocktails.  Oh my gosh – YUM!  We ended up skipping dinner, which was probably a bad idea looking back.  Needless to say, my alarm came way too fast a few hours later!

Saturday morning, I loaded up the car (after 2 cups of coffee and McDonald’s) and headed to Milk & Honey Kitchen for our first Blogger Closet Sale!  If you don’t have a clue what that means… It’s basically a sale where a group of Denver Fashion Bloggers have all of our barely worn (mostly photographed) outfits out for you to purchase.  It is basically every fashionista’s dream: mimosas, brunch bites, and DISCOUNTED SHOPPING!  I had an amazing time meeting some of you lovelies and letting you take home some of my favorite pieces from the past few seasons!  We had such an amazing time and wonderful response, that we have decided to host the sale more regularly – yay shopping!  The brunch from Milk & Honey Kitchen was AMAZING I went home telling Andrew we haaaaad to go back.  Please get the Nutella French Toast (topped with bananas) when you go – you won’t hate it.

Saturday night was just as eventful, with an amazing exclusive blogger party at my favorite aesthetic spa – GlossHouz!  I’ve been before with my mom for a spa day (which was glorious), but having all my best babes with me made it that much more fun.  We did a champagne tasting and had tons of snacks and sweets.  After some catching up, I settled in for a very relaxing manicure and feeling a bit crazy – I got an awesome design on my party fingers!  We sipped and danced the night away, before I headed home for some R&R with Andrew!

On Sunday, I spent the day doing a little shopping before a shoot that afternoon.  It ended up working perfectly, because I snagged 3 outfits from Denver Street Boutique that I wore for the shoot!  Here's a sneak peak at my new fall finds :)  If you like any of these looks, you can can shop online or find Lindsey and her truck running around Denver this week.  Check out her Instagram for details!

If you weren't in the know before... you are now -- this season's look is 70's meets 90's!  Slicked hair, bells sleeves, and all things print/distressed are in.  Hope you have a wonderful week! 


Shopping Can be Community Service!

I love living in Denver!  I feel like I'm in the center of the "think tank" world  -- every day, I meet new business owners with a passion for making a difference in a new and innovative way.  The passion is contagious and I feel like people here just love collaborating/becoming better together.   Recently, I came across a company I couldn't help but LOVE.  

Liberty USA is a jewelry company based out Denver that aims to assimilate Refugees from all over the world.  Their passion and purpose make them undeniably amazing, but on top of that... Their jewelry is one of a kind.  It's dainty and beautiful!  

The classic, simple looks are perfect for everyone and the knowledge that your purchase helps someone who truly needs all the support they can get it is inspiriting.  I could rave all day about them... but no one tells their story better than they do.  Watch my interview with them below to see why I fell in love with this company! 

** Support the cause:  Purchase your pieces here**

Friday Faves: Giveaways, Fall, and Treadmills!

This week has been full of excitement – from 4K Giveaways to collaborations with Coca-Cola!  I am so blessed to have such wonderful supportive people around me.  I wanted to take this momentum as an opportunity to start a new series for you all:  Friday Favorites! 

From now on, you can look forward to a compact little list of things I LOVE to finish off your week.  This week, I’m favoring all things cool, crisp, clean and FALL!


The BCBG Generation pumps are my new obsession.  The dark grey color is amazing for fall and the thicker straps make it them the perfect transition piece!  They were a little hard to break in, but now they are oh-so-comfy and I love the fact that they support my ankle.


As many of you know, I recently completed a collaboration with Coca-Cola, helping to raise awareness of their new product Coke Life.  But what many of you don’t know is that I only work with companies and products that I love; I’ll never advise you to try something I can’t stand behind.  This Coke is absolutely delicious!  The sweetened with a blend of stevia and cane sugar, the drink is nicely balanced.  Andrew even loved it!


Yesterday, I launched my 4K giveaway on Instagram!  If you haven’t entered, you definitely need to.  The winner will receive a $100 gift card to Nordstrom.  One of my favorite things about blogging is connecting with my followers.  I love each and every one of you and want to hear your thoughts and opinions.  If you love a concept, want to hear more about a topic, or want to shop my look, I want to know about it.  I will tailor my posts to meet your needs!


I'm in love with these amazing workout tights from Lululemon.  They have just the right amount of supports, but are so light and breathable.  They don't stretch when I move, aka you can't see through them when I embarrassingly try to practice yoga!  Lastly, I'm sure I don't need to point out the amazing colors and patterns -- aren't they beautiful!?


Random.  I know.  But Fitzgerald, our 9 month old Portuguese Water Dog, is SO hyper.  Despite my best attempts to walk him every morning for at least 30 minutes, he still manages to run through the house like a crazy person on a daily basis.  After reaching out to our dog trainer (she’s a dog whisperer – I swear!) and explaining the situation, she said that 30 minutes wouldn’t even come close to meeting his needs.  She recommended a treadmill!  I laughed at first and Andrew threatened to make me climb over his dead body, but we warmed up to the idea and decided to try it out.  If you follow my snaps, you got an up-close-and-personal experience with his training!  He learned in, no joke, 5 minutes and LOVES it.  It has training levels and different speeds and it made just for pups like him. Buy one here!


I’ve gotten a thousand emails lately asking about my hair!  While I love the compliments coming in, I definitely can’t take all the credit.  I’m absolutely swooning of my new Luxy Hair Extensions.  They are SO easy to use, give me tons of volumes, and look so natural people never ask if I have them in.  The best part is they are SO reasonable.  If you are looking for a new pair, you have to check these out.  Use the code “NOVICENATIVE” for $5 off your purchase!  Check them out here!

Wait. You got BOTOX?!

It may surprise most of you, but I recently turned to BOTOX to solve a few of my medical needs.  

First things first, let’s get the elephant out of the room! Yes, part of the draw for me was the added bonus of fine-line relief and elasticity retention.  However, the main reason I sought treatment was to help relieve the pain I experience from migraines.

As many of you know, Andrew and I were in a car accident in May of 2014.  In that accident, I suffered several injuries, including a neck injury and a concussion that left me bed ridden for 9 days.  I never understood the severity of concussions until having one myself, so I was floored to learn the long term impact on the brain and cognitive process.  I had never in my life had a migraine before the accident, but after the healing process began, I started experiencing them more and more frequently.  They have continued to get worse, as time has passed, and have become more frequent in Denver’s ever changing climate (mostly tied to the barometric pressure).

These painful, debilitating headaches always leave me frustrated and feeling hopeless.  You can imagine my disbelief when a girl friend of mine mentioned that I should consider BOTOX as a remedy. 

Never the less, my curiosity got the best of me and I started researching injection specialist in the Denver area.  Thankfully, I came across Taylor Campbell, with Restorative Injectables!  I met her for a free consultation and immediately felt as ease!  She went over her bio, which included her experience as a Nurse Practitioner and extensive training in facial aesthetic nonsurgical treatments.  She explained the muscles system in my face that were causing my migraines, and also explained my worsening “11’s” between my eyes!  After that appointment, I knew that if I was going to try BOTOX, Taylor would be the one to administer my shots. 

After a lot of deliberation, and research, I felt that BOTOX was a great option for me.  One of the biggest things I considered in my decision was the fact that BOTOX isn’t permanent… if I hated it, or it didn’t work for me, I didn’t have to do it again.  So, I made my appointment.

When I arrived, I had schedule 2 hours for my appointment.  I felt silly when I was leaving 20 minutes later.  The procedure was painless, quick, and I was completely comfortable.  I couldn’t have imagined it could go more smoothly. 

How did things turn out for me?  I HAVEN’T HAD A MIGRAINE IN 6 WEEKS!!!!!  I couldn’t be happier with the product, with Taylor, or with my natural looking non-wrinkled forehead.  If you’ve been considering BOTOX, whether it be for migraines, cosmetic, or simply curiosity… You have to give Taylor a call!


Restorative Injectables by Taylor Campbell


88 Inverness Circle East, A105

Englewood, Colorado 80112

Schedule an appointment today: (405) 620-4575



All photos by Noah Berg Photography (@noahbergphotography)

Weekend Update, Fall Finds, and 4K Giveaway!!

Photo Credit: Alex Martinex (@alex_takes_photos)

Photo Credit: Alex Martinex (@alex_takes_photos)

Happy Tuesday, guys! 

I hope you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the holiday as much as I did -- Today, I’m going to change up my post a little bit.  I’m going back to my diary roots and chatting about my weekend before I give you the full run down on this awesome transitional ensemble that’s perfect for a new season!  THEN, I’ll be announcing my next give away — I promise you won’t want to miss it!

The Weekend

My holiday weekend started Thursday evening with a home cooked meal Andrew and I prepared together.  Staying home and making a delicious meal together is one of our favorite Date Night activities! 

Friday was quite different, as I spend the day in collaboration meetings and working from Blackeye Coffee with my other half, Hannah (from Styled by Hannah Moon).  We quickly realized that mimosas at 2:00 weren’t going to make themselves, so we decided to take the work party back to my house and turn it up a notch.  If you missed the snapchats, consider yourself lucky! 

Saturday was started off a bit hazy, but quickly made headline in the weekend line up with awesome seats to the Colorado Rockies game!  Sadly, they were able to pull off a "W", but the French fries at the stadium were on point! 

Sunday, Andrew’s parents came to town.  We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed a delicious meal at Cholon, in my opinion, Denver’s best Asian fusion restaurant.  The food was artistic, tasty, and so much fun to eat! 

Monday, we headed over to Unser Karting & Events for some high speed racing.  We had a blast as we barreled down the track at speeds close to 45 mph!  It was a great way to spend the day visiting and laughing at my grandma speeds. 

The Wardrobe Run Down

Now let’s chat what the holiday weekend means for you, your closet, and sanity! 

Fall is an awesome season to break out the sweaters, layers, and natural dark colors, but done incorrectly, you could be swimming in your clothes.  Since we aren’t quite to bone chilling mornings, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to take it one step at a time!  The first step to avoiding that dreaded frumpy look is slowly adding heavier, darker pieces to you summer look.  It will keep you feeling light, but tying in the shift in color palette! 

This look is exactly that.  It’s light and perfect for warmer afternoons, but the suede, black skirt is the exact transitional piece everyone should own.  The heavier fabric and dark color smooth the choppy mixing that can sometimes happen in season change.  Note the thin crop top and chunkier bootie; they balance the look.  Had I chosen a heavier top, that drab, bulky, overpowering fall look would have been in full swing.  On the same note, a strappy heal or flat would have done the opposite – it would have pulled the look too far back and started looking too summery. 

Keep these quick tips in mind when styling your transitional look – you’re going to look fabulous!

The Giveaway!

I’m so excited to announce that I have finally hit 4,000 followers on Instagram!  I am so thankful for all of my followers and the collaborations that make me successful, so I have decided to thank you all in a different kind of way. 

This week, I’ll be rolling out a new giveaway on The Novice Native.  One lucky follower and a friend will be going on a shopping spree, compliments of moi!  Each winner will be sent $100 gift card to Nordstrom to help fill out their fall wardrobe.  In just a few days, on Instagram, I’ll be posting a photo with specific instructions on how to enter – unlimited entries are accepted!  Check out @the_novice_native over the next few days for your chance to win!

If you don’t have Instagram, I don’t want to exclude you, so sign up for my email newsletter and I’ll be sending you a link to enter!! 

Thank you again for making The Novice Native everything that it is.  I wouldn’t be here without you all!