Bali, Indonesia -- Day 1 Seminyak

If you follow my Instagram, you are well aware that Andrew and I just spent 9 days in the most beautiful place on earth.  Not only was the scenery absolutely breathtaking, the people and the culture of Bali are rich, inviting, and remarkable.  After a relaxing and culture enriching vacation, it safe to say: Bali, Indonesia is one of our favorite places on earth!

After a 28 hour travel day, Andrew and I arrived in Bali at 1:00 am, only to be greeted by a wonderful heat and very welcome humidity level!  After living in Denver, any humidity is welcomed by this Texas native...  Anyway - because we arrived so late, Andrew and I decided not to spend the money on an "expensive" hotel room, and opted for the Hilton Garden Inn just 4 minutes from the hotel.  HOLY CRAP.  For a whole $22/night, we were able to stay in a gorgeous hotel room that would have easily cost $130+ in the states.  The bed was super comfortable and the pool was gorgeous (see photos of our "pool day" in the vlog above!).

After a delicious breakfast buffet, served by the Hilton staff, we headed to the pool to get some much needed sun before checking into our hotel reservation for the rest of the week.  On the way to our villa, we stopped at, what became a staple this trip, a quaint little restaurant owned by a French gentleman and his Balinese wife, Mofo Kitchen.  The smoothie bowls and quesadillas were AMAZING.  We literally ate at Mofo's 4 or 5 times during our 9 day stay in Bali.

After lunch, it was finally time to settle into our hotel: The Sanyas Suite villas were everything we hoped they would be.  They were gorgeous, clean, and private -- great for two people celebrating their 1-year anniversary!  One of the main reasons we chose Bali was how affordable everything was, and The Sanyas Suite was no exception... for only $100/night, we were able to enjoy this amazing private villa, complete with a kitchenette, a private pool, and a really comfortable king bed.

After getting settled in, we headed off to one of Seminyak's most popular beach clubs: Potato Head Beach Club!  The walk there was nothing short of mesmerizing, with a gorgeous sunset to welcome us to the beach.  We trotted across the warm sand over to the entrance to the club.  It was magical.  I've always told Andrew I wanted to go to a nighttime pool party, and this club just marked that off my bucket list!  We had a blast as we sipped drinks and danced to the pop music, under the salty air.  

Day 2 was just as exciting -- don't miss a beat and catch it here:


About My Looks:

Pool Day

Hat: Swoosie's Denver

Spray Tan: Glamour Bar Denver

Shoes: Sam & Libby Esther (Target)

Swimsuit: Becca Prairie Rose

Potato Head Night Out

Romper: Xhiliration (Target)

Shoes: Kate Spade New York

Weekend Getaway to Keystone CO - A Complete Travel Guide

Weekend Getaway to Keystone CO - A Complete Travel Guide

A 2017 Ski Trip to Keystone Colorado.  Shows accommodations, restaurant advice, entertainment ideas and more!  Thanks to Summit County Mountain Retreats for Sponsoring our trip!

A Ride in St. Maarten:: Honeymoon Day 4

The Snack Hut at the Ranch

The Snack Hut at the Ranch

YAY--- Memorial Day Weekend is in sight!!  I know you all are feeling the struggle today as we are so close to a long weekend.  Lucky for you, I have something EXTRA entertaining for you (to help the time pass, of course):  Day 4 of our honeymoon!!

I am so excited about this particular post because we bought a GoPro for the cruise and this was the first day we used it!  The video I’ve put together made my heart so happy, because it felt like we were back in paradise.  I hope you love getting to experience our day with us, as much as we enjoyed living it! 

P.S.  Go easy on me, it’s my first travel vlog!  Push play below to watch our adventure unfold:

Our day began, per usual, with breakfast on our amazing balcony!  As we entered the harbor, we were greeted by other ships porting for the day.  After checking out and getting some beach towels, we headed for land! 

The Port was busy and full of life.  As we browsed and did a little shopping, we made our way to a taxi who would take us to our excursion for the day… HORSEBACK RIDING!  Having grown up with horses, you can imagine my excitement.  The stables we visited housed an awesome pavilion with a private beach.  There was even an adorable little snack shop for light refreshments! 

As we geared up for our ride, we could barely contain our excitement.  The ride would take us through beachside trails, wildlife habitats, and end with an incredible swim in the ocean!  I was so pleased to see that the horses were very well taken care of and extremely well trained!  With families and unexperienced riders in our group, it was comforting to know that everyone was safe. 

Getting ready for our big ride :)

Getting ready for our big ride :)

As we began our journey, the guide gave us the history of the island, the farm, and the resident family that cares for the animals.  He also shared their future plans to expand their land for wildlife rescue!  We had an amazing time taking in all of the beauty the island had to offer.  After our land trail ride, it was time for a swim.  Unfortunately, we forgot to capture footage of the adventure; life was just too exciting to remember.  I can tell you this- It was the most exhilarating thing of the day!  The animals enjoyed a dip in the cool water and the experience of swimming with them was indescribable.  Guess you’ll just have to see for yourself now!

After our excursion, we headed back to a restaurant near the port!  Chesterfield’s was an adorable little fish shack with an awesome patio right off the marina.  The fish was absolutely amazing.  I had a whole Red Snapper, which actually terrified me at first.  Who knew that had so many teeth? 

Our Port-side Table at Chesterfield's

Our Port-side Table at Chesterfield's

Photo 2 of the Andrew Across the Table Series!

Photo 2 of the Andrew Across the Table Series!

After a bite and a few drinks, we headed back to re-board the ship!  Once there, we made our way to our room where we showered and got ready for dinner.  The Newlywed Game was the show of the evening and we certainly didn’t want to miss that!  The food, as always, was delicious.  Andrew and I both had a perfectly cooked steak from the on-board steakhouse.  After a mandatory vacation desert, we headed off to the show! 

He started to catch on that I was snapping these by this point!!  Don't worry, that didn't stop me :)

He started to catch on that I was snapping these by this point!!  Don't worry, that didn't stop me :)

We later found ourselves in the casino, our absolute favorite late-night spot of the trip!  After a few hours of games and fun, sleep was just what the doctor ordered! 

St. Thomas on My Mind :: Honeymoon Day 3

Sailing in... absolutely breathtaking. 

Sailing in... absolutely breathtaking. 

I cannot believe I was a day late publishing this post…. Mainly because it was my FAVORITE DAY of our entire honeymoon and I am beside myself with excitement to share it with you!

Day 3 of our honeymoon was spent in the most beautiful place in the entire Virgin Islands… St. Thomas. 

As our cruise ship sailed into harbor, we were welcomed by the prettiest views I’ve ever seen!  It was majestic to smoothly glide across the water, witnessing the scenery scape by us (reminding me of the south of France) while we enjoyed our coffee and breakfast on the balcony! 

After getting dressed, we went out on the balcony to try out our new selfie stick (hahahah – so embarrassing!!) that I insisted we get for this vacation!  We had a blast and I even got a cute shot of my swimsuit of the day – which has been linked below… 

20160513_HM day 3- 2.jpg

Then we left the boat to head to our first adventure of the cruise!  Coki Beach and Secret Harbor Beach are directly next to each other… making in easy to see both in the small time window we had on the island!  Having picked these two beautiful private beaches, grouped close together, to visit we loaded into a taxi.  Needless to say, the taxi ride was absolutely breathtaking, as we were able to see most of the island from the hilltop views.  The water was the perfect color of blue and the weather was everything you could hope for on a tropical vacation.

The view from the Taxi ride

The view from the Taxi ride

Once there, we were greeted by the friendly staff and were offered a variety of chairs and cabanas for rent, our choice where they would be placed!  Once we picked our spot, two men quickly appeared and began building us our perfect little spot for the day.  The view was amazing… and the personal bartender/waitress was an even better perk!

I look like a wet dog, but we had an incredible day!

I look like a wet dog, but we had an incredible day!

After relaxing for a bit, and applying sunscreen to my white, spray-tanned body, we headed just a few steps away to rent some paddle boards.  Stand up paddle boarding is one of my favorite things… it’s also one of the first things I ever set my mind on doing when I started this blog—I’m so appreciative of how everything comes full circle!  We had a blast blazing through the mellow water, exploring the views from different vantage points!  The coolest part was getting to paddle all the way across the cove to a little island all to ourselves.

The "Private Island" - discovered by the Barrilleaux's

The "Private Island" - discovered by the Barrilleaux's

We ordered lunch from a local restaurant and had it delivered to our little piece of heaven!  When they brought us our Jerk Chicken Platters, they surprised us with my new favorite tropical beverage… a BUSHWHACKER.  If you have never had one, they are a rum-chocolate-dream lovers every desire.  I had them the rest of our vacation (that’s probably why I gained 10 lbs…)!

After enjoying a perfect, relaxing afternoon, it was time to say goodbye.  We loaded back up in our “round trip taxi” and headed back to the ship.  We had dinner reservations for Formal Night and we were so excited to get dressed up for each other!

Pre-Dinner Drinks at the Champagne Bar

Pre-Dinner Drinks at the Champagne Bar

We enjoyed an amazing menu offered by the Royal Caribbean chef and had way too much fun trying all the wines… That night, I was so in love with my husband and in awe of how handsome he is, I wanted to capture that night just as I was feeling it.  So I took a picture of Andrew from across the table.  It made me so happy, that I kept doing it the rest of the trip.  The little collection ended up being amazing and makes me so happy that I am going to be sharing them with you as we go through the rest of our days…  So here’s to the first shot from the “Andrew Across Table Series!”

Andrew Across the Table - Still #1

Andrew Across the Table - Still #1


Rebecca B.

All Aboard, San Juan!! :: Honeymoon Day 2

IT'S THURSDAY and you know what that means.... TRAVEL DAY on the Novice Native - YAYYYY!!!!!  I have tons of recent adventures to share, but I can't help but continue to focus on the amazing trip we took for our honeymoon!

Day 2 of our Honeymoon was just as exciting as the first!!  

After an amazing night's sleep, we took some time to reminisce on everything that had happened in the past 48 hours! 

All packed up and ready to board our Royal Caribbean cruise, we couldn't wait to get the day started!  Our morning began with a delicious and relaxing rooftop brunch at our hotel (The O:live Boutique Hotel).  We had some tasty drinks and enjoyed the beautiful view as we laid by the pool, wait to head to the dock.  The patio at the O:live is definitely one of my favorite places of this whole vacation.  The small room count helped keep every experience feel intimate and exclusive!!  

After some relaxation, we left our bags with the bell boys and headed out for some adventure!  Exploring the busy streets and doing a little shopping was just what the doctor ordered.  We had a wonderful time people watching and taking in all the sights and smells that Condado (the little neighborhood surrounding to hotel) had to offer.  They were full of life, safe, and so much fun!  

With a few bags in hand, we headed over to Oceano's Sleek Eatery, on of the city's best rated brunch spots for a second brunch of the day.  Yeah- go ahead and judge us!  The view from our patio table was breathtaking and we couldn't have imagined a bigger selection of perfectly cooked tasties!  I mean look at that... Andrew had a gourmet chicken strip :)  

Basking in all that is a honeymoon, we took way too many pictures of our newly legal commitment!! 

20160505_Honeymoon Day 2_ 12.jpg

After a delicious second brunch, we headed back to the hotel to pick up our bags and head to the dock!  We were overly excited to continue on our journey with the wonderful crew from our ship.  Over the next few days, we experienced the magic of 4 different islands, each hosting their own treasures and special moments!  But first, we had to get settled in and explore the boat :) 

Until next time --  xoxo, R

Planning a Full Day in Denver!!

Planning a Denver wedding and need something for your guest to do while in Town?  Simply visiting Denver as a tourist?  In town staying with family? Or on your way to the mountains?  Whatever your circumstance... Denver has so much to offer!  From delicious, artistic restaurants to adorable streets filled with local shops... It offers a perfect vacation for all types.  Even if you live in Denver, seeing the city from another's perspective can help you call in love with this amazing city all over again! 

So... What to do in Denver?!  I've planned a full day of food, shopping, and fun for anyone trying to explore the amazing city of Denver!!  Be sure to wear your comfy shoes, Denver's walk-able layout makes it easy to add miles without even realizing it :)


First things first:: Parking!!  

Today's activities will be easier and more enjoyable if you are walking/bike riding.  So I've found the best parking downtown for your mile-high adventure!  The Tremont Garage, located on the corner of 15th and Tremont, offers a full day of parking for only $12.  There is no in-and-out privileges, so be sure that you won't need your vehicle for the rest of the day before parking here.   Address : 400 15th Street, Denver CO 80202

8:00 am--  

Your journey begins at Denver's best coffee shop, NOVO Coffee.  This quaint little shop is located in heart of Downtown Denver.  Offering plenty of seating and free wi-fi, it's a great spot for someone wanting to check out the area!

Address: 1600 Glenarm Pl, Denver, CO 80202

8:30 am--  

Take a walk up 16th Street Mall.  This unique downtown experience is a must see for anyone visiting Denver.  Coming from NOVO (headed Northwest), you'll be able to see the Denver Pavilions, a shopping center in the heart of Downtown.  You'll also be able to slip in and our of several gift shops, if that's something on your list!  At any point along the 16th Street Mall you are tired of walking, you are free to jump on the Free Mall Ride.  The Mall Ride stops every block and and free to all patrons of the mall!

9:15 am--

After experiencing the vitality of the 16th Street Mall, I'm sure your starved!  Head over to Union Station for a delicious breakfast at Denver's very own Snooze Eatery!  It's a favorite of the locals and definitely worth the wait.  If there is a line, there's a Tattered Cover Bookstore in Union Station for your browsing pleasure!

Address: 1701 Wynkoop St #150, Denver, CO 80202

12:00 pm--  

The next part of your day is more of a personal choice, so I'm providing two great options for all types of adventurers!  (Both will require a bike rental to continue on your tour..)

A short walk from Union Station, the first option is a tour of Coors Field, home of Denver's MLB team - the Colorado Rockies.  While they aren't the best team in the league, the facility is one of the coolest places in the city.  With a rooftop bar and mountain views, it's definite must see for any sports fan!  The days tours are available vary by season, so be sure to check out the dates before you plan to attend.  All the details are available here.  After your tour, you'll want to rent a B-Cycle bike to continue to the next location... LUNCH :) You can snag one at the nearest location found at 2200 Market Street, Denver CO 80205.

The second option is a quick bike ride away to the home of REI's flagship store just across the river!  One of Denver's mobility options is B-Cycle, a bike rental program that allows you to rent a bike from a variety of locations and drop them off at others for just $9 a day.  There is a station located just outside Union Station, making your rental fast and easy.  You'll want to make your way to the REI bike drop located at 1416 Platte Street, Denver CO 80202.  REI offers a variety of sporting goods and a visit is an experience in itself!

1:30 pm--

Lunch is a relative term when you arrive at Denver's hip{est} restaurant: Linger.  Offering tapas style plates, you wont have to worry about spoiling dinner!  Linger has a unique history, artistic and delicious food, and an atmosphere you can't find anywhere else!  Be sure to ask your server the history of the building and mosey up to the rooftop patio for a scenic view of the city!  Note: B-Cycle parking is located at 1615 Boulder Street, Denver CO 80211 and a short walk up the hill, you will find Linger on your left hand side (behind Little Man Ice Cream).

3:00 pm--

After a full morning of sightseeing, I'm sure everyone in the party could use a break for a little R&R.  What better way to spend some time relaxing than a little shopping on a quaint Denver street!?  Denver's Highlands District hosts a unique vibe when it comes to boutiques.  From high end fronts carrying well known labels, to small locally owned shops with popular looks, you'll find them all.  Intrigue Boutique has quickly become my favorite boutique, as it offers the best of both worlds!  The clothes are absolutely adorable, they carry lines that fit true to size, and they are locally owned by two of the sweetest ladies this city has ever seen... What could be better?  The prices!!  They are so affordable that no one in Denver has an excuse not to look fabulous... it's 100% guilt free shopping!  

So grab your bike and head over to 2436 W 44th Ave, Denver CO 80211 for a little "you" time!  PS ::  The outfit I'm sporting in this post is from their shop.  Adorbs, huh?

4:30 pm--

Let's continue your relaxing afternoon and head to Avanti Food and Beverage for some hand-shaken drinks and a rooftop patio perfect for lounging!  There's a B-Cycle deposit right outside of the venue (3200 Pecos Street, Denver CO 80211) - whoop.  One of the coolest aspects of Denver is there are several "hubs" (as I like to call them), as in a building that houses multiple business in one place, sort of like a mini mall.  This location is so neat because it is home to several local restaurants and breweries!  It's a must see for any Denver newbie.

6:30 pm--

Dinner!!  We are headed back downtown as we finish off our eventful day of sightseeing like locals.  Take a short bike ride back to the Denver Pavilions where you will find, yet another, B-Cycle station, conveniently located just outside of 5280 Burger Bar (it's what's for dinner!).  It happens to be my favorite restaurant in all of Denver.  The wings are absolutely to die for and the burgers are individually craft made!  Featuring comical names, this place will be an exciting end to your day.  If your up for it, delight in one of their adult martinis!! NOM.  My favorite is the S'mores, while Andrew would kill for the Mint Chocolate Chip!  

Address: 500 16th Street, Denver CO 80202

After dinner, you're just a short walk away from your car!  How about that for a day of exercise?  I hope you've loved getting to know my city a little better!  I'd love to hear how you enjoyed your day.