Don't Put Away Your Favorite White Pants!

“No white after Labor Day!”  -- Ever heard that saying? 

If so, I have some news for you! 

Since the news is both good and bad, I’ll give you the good news first.  It’s not a thing anymore – white after Labor Day is completely acceptable.  Now, that doesn’t mean that you can just wear white however you please, there is still a few rules to follow... but I’ll help you navigate them! 

The bad news? You can’t associate with the person who taught you that saying anymore.  They clearly don’t have your best interests at heart. So, say a quick goodbye to your grandmother and pack your bags for better living!

White is one of my FAVORITE fall colors.  Actually, if I’m being honest… It’s one of my favorite colors all year round.  However, during the fall season, the presence of white in an outfit helps to distinguish it from the later trends of the year – winter.  Incorporating white into your ensemble is a great way to keep you look fresh and light, while still allowing you to add seasonal colors like mustard and wine. 

Pairing the white with the right combination is key.  If you try and add too bold of a color to your white pants, you may end up looking mismatched.  To give you an example, I’ve paired my favorite white relaxed-skinny jeans with a neutral charcoal blouse.  This combination allows me to pull in the warmer tones of the fall trends, without going too dark and conflicting. 

Adding a wine colored clutch, in a suede fabric, pulls in another seasonal color, but the fabric helps to make that transition soft!  If I had gone with a harsher bag composition, I would have changed my pants from a distressed/relaxed style to a sleeker style, or a slack looking pant with a crease.  I also chose a lip color in the same family as the bag!  That was a personal preference, mainly because the lipstick is one of my favs (look for my review on it this Friday!!)

To finish off the perfect “fall-white”, I incorporated another neutral color in my shoes.  The beige suede bootie pulls in the neutral tone of the blouse and the texture of the clutch.  This finishing touch allowed my look to come full circle and look polished, complete, and ready for the season ahead!



Photo Credit : Noah Berg Photography (@noahbergphotography)

Long Locks of Golden Sunshine : HERE

Lipstick: HERE (use code "REBECCA" for a discount)

Bootie: Sam Edleman |  Pants: Express | Top: Inspyre Boutique

An Effortlessly Urban Ensemble

20160525_Effortlessly Urban 1.jpg
20160525_Effortlessly Urban 4.jpg

I know I promised you all an in depth look at my cousin Alex’s gold career last Friday, but as it often happens at the Byron Nelson… One glass of champagne leads to one flight of champagne leads to the Grey Goose VIP lounge leads to eating pizza in a hot tub with 10.8 miles of walking under your belt… So it’s understandable that I didn’t deliver as promised!  HOWEVER— I promise that post is still coming, along with the amazing time we had at the Four Season Las Colinas! 

Instead of the “sports feature”, I thought I’d go ahead and share this fabulous look perfect for any day on the course.  It’s comfortable, sensible, and great for any activity that calls for tons of walking!

With the Byron behind us and the Colonial (another PGA golf tournament) ahead of us, finding an outfit that has some style, yet can also be described as practical is imperative! 

Let’s dig in!  This look has been self-titled “Effortlessly Urban”…. Why?  Because those are two words that come to mind with this outfit. 

The graphic tee is sleek, edgy, and casual, but can be paired with a fun skirt to create the ultimate stylish look!  The skirt choice was carefully calculated, as I needed something to draw on the edginess of the shirt, but not overwhelm the look with a dark nature.  Naturally, a feminine leather skirt was the perfect match.  It also needed to be slightly form fitting, to keep the look light and fresh.  A heavier skirt, or even a tool skirt, would have made the look “overdone” and could easily be looked at as trying too hard.

I had a blast playing on the urban feel of the top and skirt, so I threw in some fun tennis shoes to make the look more comfortable and keep with the feel of the ensemble!  Keeping the color palette neutral through the whole look, I was able to avoid awkward contrasts, keeping these very different piece cohesive and flowing, as patterns and fabrics changed.  

The last thing I did to tie this look together, was add in some fun girlie earrings!!  If you haven’t read my review on how I made these gems, you’ll definitely want to check it out HERE.

I’ve linked a few good options for those of you who love this look, but think you’d struggle to accomplish it on your own—shop my look below!

All of these shots were captured by the one and only Noah Berg, of Noah Berg Photography!  Check out his Instagram: @NoahBergPhotograph

Dallas Bound for the Byron!

Clean, crisp and stylish.  That’s what this look has going for it!

Over the past few months, I’ve fallen in love with the simplicity of neutral looks.  The blank pallet of color, in this case my white top, are classy and easy to pair with a multitude of bottoms.  The best part? They can have details that catch attention, but do so without an overwhelming presence. 

I discovered this little ensemble when shopping for an upcoming trip.  I was having trouble planning my outfits when I stumbled into a local Denver boutique: Intrigue Boutique Denver.  I was so excited because they carried reasonably priced, adorable clothing!!  I actually found two outfits that I’ll be sporting on my little trip, but you’ll have to wait for the next look.  So where am I going?

This week, I’ll be heading to Dallas to walk with my cousin, Alex Moon, as he plays in his first ever PGA tour: The Byron Nelson.  The Byron has always been my favorite golf tournament, as it was played just minutes from our house growing up.  The warm spring weather, the fun sun hats, the Club 14 bar, and the light applause that comes in waves are all memories I’ll have forever.  The fact that Alex is getting to play in it this year is beyond exciting.

Obviously the outfit I wear is going to be important!  It has to be functional, golf appropriate, and adorable… This look was all of those!  The white top is light and loose fitting, which will help keep me cool in the Texas heat.  Meanwhile, the jeans I’ve chosen to wear are cotton based, which will breathe well, and will provide cover so my white legs don’t burn!  No joke, these are my new favorite jeans.  They feel like butter they are so soft!  The colorful necklace provides a hint of color keeping the look feeling spring-like and fun.  I’ve paired that accessory with some adorable and super comfy wedges that will be easy to walk in.

I cannot wait to get home, surrounded by family, and spend some time cheering Alex on!  Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (thenovicenative) to live the experience with me.  It’s going to be the best time!



A Date Night Outfit You Can't Pass Up!

20160510_Leopard 6.jpg

Today on the blog, I’m talking “date night” essentials, all captured by Noah Berg Photography (@noahbergphotography). 

With summer just around the corner… finding weather appropriate garments can be difficult if you are trying to stay a little on the modest side.  I’m going to walk you through my thought process and provide a few examples of ways to get that perfect look (demanding respect – yet calling attention!). 

This adorable dress would have been typical for a night out on the town in college, and probably alllll I would have worn, but as I have adjusted to life after the party, I’ve grown to love the comfort of not being COLD! 

Now before you go calling me “grandma,” let me explain that just because I have befriended the best girlfriend on the earth, Comfort, doesn’t mean I have to lose all feistiness to my outfit.  This look is a clear example of how classy, comfortable, and sassy can all play nicely together. 

Let’s talk base layer first… This dress, worn by itself, is super sexy.  It’s tight fitting, rather short, and has amazing lines to accentuate curves.  However, it’s not something I would feel comfortable wearing alone anymore.  Struggling with the desire to look fierce, while trying to stay within one’s comfort zone is a place I would guess many women find themselves… So I found the perfect solution à Layering it with a cute top and pairing it with the perfect accessories. 

Since I decided to add to the complexity of this look, I needed to add to the appeal.  The leopard print on the dress, topped with a basic button up was the perfect combination.  It’s conservative, but still fun and flirty.  I chose a very neutral top, but something in style… chambray.  Tying at the waist was a great way to pull attention to the small of my wait, while hiding my big bootie.

Lastly, let’s talk shoes… depending on the person, you can make your shoe selection your own, but for me, the leopard print dress is about as showy as I like to go.  For that reason, I chose a sensible, comfortable small bootie with an open toe.  The heel on this amazing pair of shoes is thick and super reliable over cobblestone walkways.  You pair the babies with a high-end beautiful purse with classic lines and structure, I mean, you’ve got yourself an age appropriate power-suit to rock your date night.

Okay… After re-reading this little overview…. I’m officially an old lady :/  oh well… guess Fitz needs a kitty friend.  #catlady



Embracing Your Style

All photos taken by:  Alex-Takes-Photos  (@Alex_Takes_Photos)

Happy Tuesday, my favorite people!! 

I can't believe how fast Monday flew by.  It must have been because I've been anxiously awaiting this post for a couple of weeks now.  I am drooling over this city-girl-on -the-go look that brought me so much awareness about my own fashion journey!  Obviously I'm excited to share --  

Finding your personal style can be the hardest part in your journey to become a fashionista.  With Instagram pictures coming at you by the masses (each of the containing a new staple piece you "just have to have"), it's easy to be bogged down with all your options.  Taking some time to think about your personal comfort and the colors you feel most confident wearing can be a great way to figure out your own look.  I hate feeling trapped by a specific look, or genre, when it comes to clothes... so this post especially hits close to home!

Somewhere in my blogging journey, I realized that my style isn't particularly abnormal... If anything, it's a little boring.  I really enjoy a classic look built on basic neutrals.  I own a lot of solid colors, most of them lacking in variety on the color spectrum... However, this outfit helped me realize that I don't have to be afraid of that classic look fit for an active life.  I AM active, and I need a wardrobe that suits my lifestyle.  That's A-OKAY!  Sure, there will be days I feel like doing things a little bit differently, but I don't need to feel insecure when I decide to rock a basic look!

Getting this look is the best part!  I like to pair a woodsy color (forest green, dark jeans, a rust blouse, or mustard pants) with a cream or white.  The contrast can be incorporated with a pattern, or it can be left solids!  Either way, let the outfit be an expression of your needs that day!  If I'm walking my dog and hitting the grocery store, I'm not going to force a bright print with some high heels!  Be you-- it's the best gift you can give yourself.