Cute, Casual and Comfy

All photos captured by Noah Berg (@noahbergphotography)

Let's be honest.  If you know me at all, you know I'm too ADD to only have 1 favorite outfit.  I can barely concentrate on the task in front of me, much less take the time to pick a favorite outfit and remember it.  So instead of tell you this is the best outfit of all time, I wanted to take a minute to explain my favorite "style"... Why?  Because style is so important in feeling confident in your own skin!

This look is flawless when it comes to practicality --  It's clean, casual, and absolutely the comfiest.  The stretch skinny's feel more like leggings than pants and the loose fitting top is nonrestrictive.  It's important to point out that this look has a little bit of interest to it because the skinny jeans are very feminine, while the buttons on the shirt resemble a more masculine look.  Taking these two elements and keeping the colors neutral, you get an upscale version of tights and a button up!  

Don't forget to have a peak at these adorable Steve Madden flats.  They are easy to slip on and off and the pointed toe helps them pull the look together!  

Now, I understand that the biggest factor in how you feel is the functionality of the look.  The first thing you'll want to do is consider what event you are dressing for.  Going to the grocery store? Definitely keep the flats.  Grabbing drinks with some girlfriends?  Try a cute top not to add flare!  Now what happens if day turns to night and you need a quick pick me up?  If I'm ever feeling a bit dressed down in this type of look, I throw a dressier clutch or heels in the mix to polish out the outfit!  I always keep a spare pair of nude heels and a clutch in my car for emergencies!!  

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Using What's Already in Your Closet

All Photos by @Alex_Takes_Photos

Today's post is all about using what you already own to make an adorable look fit for any occasion!  This outfit is one of my favorites because I'm incorporating a sweet summer dress, with a few cooler weather basics to create a fun transitional season outfit!

The base layer of this dress, is a basic white lace dress.  I've worn this dress several times, but with temperatures still dropping in CO, it's a little too chilly to let this baby fly free.  So I've paired it with a cute suede top and some chunky jewelry to make it look intentionally layered.  This helps to keep the interest of the outfit, as well as draw attention away from the transition line from the blouse to the dress.

I've also paired it with riding boots and cute boot socks!  This helps my legs stay warm as the temperature changes throughout the day!  Want to know a secret??  I made the boot socks out of a normal pair of socks!  You can achieve the same look by purchasing a pair of socks and removing the toe with scissors.  It's really that easy!

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Spring Brings a Fresh Start!

All photos by Brandon Hill

Man!!  It feels so good to be back – Now that Andrew and I have settled down in our new home, finished writing thank you notes, and have thoroughly enjoyed the newness of being married, I am ready to put my life back together!

I can’t thank all of my amazing followers for their support as I’ve taken some time for myself to be in the moment… after all, that’s the point of a lifestyle blog, right?  I have THOUSANDS of photos, stories, and reviews to share with you all and a new season seems like the right time to start!  So here’s to my first outfit back in the real world; bring it on SPRING!

This little number is a transition fav!  It’s cozy in the mornings when it’s chilly, but cool enough I’m not dying when the Colorado sun starts to heat up.  The light, loose sweater doesn’t constrict body heat and let’s air flow freely.  Now let’s talk a tights and skirt combo… it’s a no brainer when the temperature is fluctuating uncontrollably during spring and early summer months.  Best of all, if you get too warm, you always have the option of slipping into the ladies room and taking them off.  Of course you’ll want to have a purse big enough to hide them from fellow mimosa-loving patio patrons!  Speaking of purses… adding fun accessories (like a purse and/or scarf) to a neutral-basic look can take it from toned down to just right!  It allows you to let you pieces speak to your mood without overwhelming everyone with a bold pattern.

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