Resolutions:: The Real Way to Set Goals!

Photo by: @Alex_Takes_Photos

Photo by: @Alex_Takes_Photos

Jewelry Details:  Watch ,  Ring ,  Necklace

Jewelry Details: Watch, Ring, Necklace

New Year’s Eve is an exciting day!  The hustle and bustle of the crowds at the grocery store… The anxious preparations in the bathroom as you prepare for the glamorous night out… And the quiet time found when drinking coffee, used as a space to reflect on the past year and set positive goals for the year ahead.  This is one of my favorite days of the year!

This year, I am extra excited because I’ll be spending the night dancing and celebrating the wedding of my closest cousin, Hannah!  This next year also brings with it a special place in my heart, as Andrew and I will be closing on a house we built, getting married, traveling, making memories, and beginning to set goals for our future. 

As I sit here, in my quiet time, I am making a list of goal for the next year.  Resolutions, I guess I should call them…  I’m making a list of personal and joint goals I’d like to see us accomplish and work towards throughout the next 12 months. 

Making goals is not only important for personal growth… it’s an important mile marker for a person to use as they journey through the year.  Accomplishing goals, or tasks that move a person towards a final product, is a great way to give that little pat on the back and says, “You’re doing it!  Keep it up.  One day at a time!” 

There are a lot of people who advise people to abandon the ritual of setting New Years Resolutions, stating they hardly stick and make people feel worse about themselves… but in my honest opinion, I think that’s ludicrous!  When has taken time to reflect on life choices and intentionally move into a better space been bad for a person?  I understand the feel of failure, if the goals aren’t met, but I think the desire to try to be better is the first step in real change.  Maybe it doesn’t happen the first time, but for every misstep, there is always something to be learned.  Getting to a finish line doesn’t have to be a straight race, taking time to learn about yourself and making mistakes is the best way to fully understanding your “why” and giving you the confidence to believe in the new you when things get tough.

With these things on my mind, I’d like to share my personal resolutions with you all!  Throughout this next year, I’d like you all to help keep me accountable and I’d love to do the same for you… so here they are – the #becomingbarrilleaux resolutions!

1.     Work out more frequently

2.     Stop eating McDonalds once a week

3.     Learn more about the food I am putting in my body

4.     Be pickier with the food I am putting in my body

5.     Keep my opinion of others to myself

6.     Have an open mind about trying new things

7.     Travel

8.     Begin journaling

9.     Love with all my heart

10. Laugh at least twice a day

11. Be the best wife I can be

12. Be patient when things get sticky

13. Make dinner more than once every 3 weeks

14. Set financial goals for each month and stick to them

I’m a huge believer that every facet of my life affects my happiness.  My goals are meant to make me better rounded, not just at the top of my game in one place in my life.  Try to consider the most important things in your life when setting your goals… Don’t just strive to be skinny and fit, strive to be fit both mentally and physically.  This doesn’t mean just going to the gym… It means getting financially fit, relationship fit, family fit, and physically fit. 

What a better way to ring in the New Year than with a wedding and a workout!!  If you like the jewelry in my look, be sure to check out Hyde Park's Luxe List in Cherry Creek Mall, or visit them on their website here!  If you purchase $250 in jewelry, you will receive a free pair of earrings (valued at $195) for being a Novice Native follower!!

Quinoa Fried Rice:: Oh Ya - It's THAT Good!

Quinoa Fried Rice::  Oh Ya - It's THAT Good!

as we near our "Big Day," I am trying to get my act together with healthy choices for meals and snacks!  I have come to realize, what my readers don't know, doesn't hurt them.  In other words, when I don't share with you all what I'm eating, happy hour is just too hard to resist.  But as the very real fear of having to get my dress fitted sets in, I am determined to be more transparent as to my goals.