FOUND! The Perfect Sunglasses at 20% OFF!

I honestly cannot express to y'all enough how excited I am for tonight's post!!

If you're anything like me, you've struggled in your search for great sunglasses!  I am always afraid of going into the Sunny Hut, if you catch my drift, mainly because the help is so stand offish and I feel like I'm going to process alone.  As a fashion blogger, I know the importance of a great pair of sunglasses!  Accessories and glass complete a great ensemble, so you can imagine the predicament this puts me in...

I recently was on the market for a new pair of prescription glasses (fun fact about me: I'm blind!). Anyway, while on my hunt for the perfect pair on a trip to Dallas, I had to use Google maps to find a store, since I'm not as familiar with the area as a once was!  A new little store off of Park Lane and US Highway 75 popped up.  The pictures looked amazing, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Carlen's Luxury Optical was everything it was advertised to be!  The building was beautiful and the staff was absolutely amazing... Not only did I find a great pair of frames for my new glasses, I also found the best selection of sunglasses.  Like I mentioned before, I've never been one to shop sunglasses in a store, but the amazing staff made me feel right at home.  I explained that I struggle with shopping and they were so kind!

So let's talk these babies... THEY ARE AMAZING!!!  I'm absolutely obsessed with my new Tory Burch sunglasses.  Carlen's had awesome prices (well below anything you can find online - don't worry, I checked!), so the purchase was painless.  They are so fun and fashionable and like I said before... They make this outfit!  

Now, I think I've rambled enough... Have a look at these beauties and if you decide you need a pair of your own, stop by Carlen's Optical in Dallas (right by Northpark Mall!) and mention The Novice Native sent you -- you'll get 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE!!!!


Pink, Pink, Pink... For Breast Cancer Awareness!

Happy November, everyone!

This past month flew by with record speeds.  It’s been quite a whirlwind over at our house, and after chatting with others, it seems to be a trend across the board.  I apologize for not staying on top of my posts in the past couple of weeks, I am migrating my website and making a few changes to my company – so needless to say, my time has been a bit stretched thin! 

Instead of jumping in today and giving you an update on what we’ve been up to, I decided to focus on one topic that’s near and dear to my heart, then give you a little gallery of our recent whereabouts. 

October is known for several things… Halloween, football, changing leaves (especially here in Colorado), and Breast Cancer Awareness.  Yes, in case you’ve been living under a rock, the entire month of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and coming together to realize we need a cure!

Recently, Andrew and I were asked by some friends of ours to join them for a Broncos game at Mile High Stadium!  I was so excited because it was my first Broncos game, and first time cheering on a different team since moving from Dallas.  Additionally, it was an October game, and most NFL teams wear PINK gear during this month to show their support of the cause! 

Knowing these details about the game day colors, I took full advantage of the opportunity to sport my beautiful pink vest from ML Furs.  Pairing the pop of color with an understated white pant and a basic white tee, I pulled the look together with a grey Broncos hat.  The end result was amazing – sporty and casual, with a flare of festive!  Who knew a pink vest could be so versatile??

As I planned for this post, the reason for this look got me thinking…  Why do we only support something when the media tells us to?  Just because we have found ourselves in November, doesn’t mean my support of Susan G. Komen foundation and desire for a cure has passed.  Why can’t I wear pink year round to show my support and raise Breast Cancer Awareness! 

So I’d like to challenge everyone to continue their support of causes well beyond the designated days… I don’t care if you have a heart for ALS, Breast Cancer, or Autism, whatever you feel speaks to you, continue to support them well beyond 1 week, 1 day, or 1 month! 

If you’d like to make a donation in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, please visit one of the two sites below.

If you’re like me and like to show your support by sporting pink, you can purchase this vest by clicking the photo below:


Now here’s a little bit of life that’s happened in my world –




My Life:: As Told by my Shoe Collection

Every girl’s life, and boy’s for that matter, can be described in full by the assortment of shoes in their closet.  Don’t believe me?

Let me explain…  Through every phase of my life, the shoe collection hiding in my closet has been a representation of who I was.  One could enter my closet during any point of the past 26 years, without even knowing me, and sum my entire “self” during that era of life quite accurately!  Still not sure?  I’ll give you some examples. 

Lets go back to 1995.  You’re walking into a little girl’s room… not only are you super jealous of the Lisa Frank pen collection on the desk, but you are also blown away by the number of Beanie Babies hanging from the ceiling.  You enter the closet and beside a tub full of naked and half dressed Barbie’s, you find a small collection of shoes.  The first pair of shoes is a little white pair of Keds sitting right next to a pair that look like bowling shoes.  “Perfect, she wears a uniform to school,” you think.  A little further down you see a tiny pair of soccer cleats.  You immediately know what sports I played.  Next you see a pair of jelly sandals and a pair of worn down flip-flops.  That conclusion was the hardest, but you probably assumed I was active and played outside a lot in the summer.

Fast forward and lets go to 2007.  I was a junior in high school.  This was a particularly embarrassing year, as I was new to a new city and didn’t have a core group of friends.   If you were to look at my closet, you would have seen the following:

-       a pair of tennis shoes with no dirt on them

-       a pair of flip flops in a shower bin next to the tennis shoes

-       a few pairs of flats

-       a pair of uncomfortably high heels from Charlotte Russe

-       a pair of slip-proof black sneakers

Now, given the shoes you found, what would you conclude?  You would be absolutely correct to assume I worked out at a gym where I showered before school.  That I wore flats almost every day to classes?  Again, correct!  The kicker of the collection was the obnoxiously tacky heels… This was the beginning of my “becoming an adult phase.”  I owed exactly one pair of heels that I wore to any party.  The last assumption you could have created was that I was a waitress, which again, would have been correct.

The next closet I’ll expose contains Nike tennis shoes, Sperrys, flip-flops, Toms, and a ridiculous amount of heels.  All kinds of heels to be fair… Boots, stilettos, peep toe pumps, wedges, and anything in between.  Can you take a guess what era this would have been?  Yep.  Nailed it!  AHHHHHHH, COLLEGE!  The memories will never fade. My collection was mainly driven by a Devine power to wear 6” heels for 6 hours at a time and still be able to stand in line at Whataburger!  Can you decode my lifestyle by my shoe collection?  A college girl who wears comfy clothes to class, goes home to lie by the pool, then gets dressed for the main event of the day…. Broadway St.!

Now that I’m a grown, and fully functioning (I might add), adult… My shoe collection has once again changed.  I’ve traded in the pep-toes for preppy loafers and the Sperry’s for Slippers… This new me is all about comfort and relaxation.  If you weren’t a believer in the magical powers of the Shoe Collection… you are now!

What do your shoes say about you?

This look brought to you by Alex Takes Photos.

Diamonds and Pearls:: GIVEAWAY!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… At least that’s what they say!  However, in my personal opinion, a well-rounded girl can’t have just one best friend.  You need at least 2!  In this specific instance (and in a perfect world), pearls and diamonds would come as a pair, hand in hand; creating an elegant, balanced look that is both classy and polished. 

Raised a southern girl, this concept was a hand me down from my parents... Boy am I blessed!  Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the gorgeous, fun “stacks” girls are creating with gold, braided, and leather bracelets, but there is something about a clean classic look that can’t be replaced.   Lucky for this belle, her fiancé agrees! 

Last week was one of my busiest weeks yet, in Colorado.  It was also one of the most stressful!  Andrew, being the thoughtful guy he is, surprised me after work with the most thoughtful gifts!  The gifts included flowers, a clean house, a homemade dinner, and a PEARL BRACELET!  I was beyond happy.  It was such a blessing to feel loved and have my fiancé reach to touch all of my love languages. 

After reveling in the bliss, and having a big glass of wine, I began to look more closely at the beautiful piece of jewelry I had been given!  It was so well made and the pearls had such great coloring.  It was the perfect addition to my grandmother’s heirloom necklace I received a few years ago!   The box and Certificate of Authenticity were from a company called The Pearl Source.  Never having heard the name before, I decided to Google the company a little more.   The results were so interesting I felt the need to share!

The LA based company has an A+ rating from the BBB and boasts an awesome 4.8 star rating on Amazon.  They specialize in wholesale and direct imports of South Sea pearls.  In laymen’s terms, I found out, that means that have exquisite quality with the ability to have reasonable prices.  This is absolutely apparent if you check out their website or their Amazon store.   Having been in business for 20 years (and in the industry for many more!) The Pearl Source team has an eye for picking the right pearls with the right settings.  Be sure and check them out here: www.amazon.com/thepearlsource and at their home website here: www.thepearlsource.com!!

After reading about how great this company is, I reached out to them and offered to collaborate.  I love helping companies become more well known and connecting you with awesome deals!  The owner was so friendly and gladly wanted to work together.  Which brings me to this post!  We have collaborated a GIVEAWAY (YAYYYY) and one lucky reader will be receiving a free pearl bracelet just like mine!  To enter, simply sign up for my weekly newsletter and make sure you are following my Instagram account @the_novice_native!   

I hope you love this company and its products as much as I do! 




Fall for All:: Camel and Contest Winners!

It’s cooling down!  I say that thankfully… not because I don’t love beaches and frozen margs, but because I’m sick of my makeup melting every time I leave my stuff in the car.  I mean, lipstick is stupid expensive and sometimes to you can’t find the same shade, hmmp!

Just because it’s no longer smoldering outside does not mean you have to give up your fun, flirty summer look and hide that sun-kissed tan.  It’s time to put together a look that flatters those summer perks AND continues to make you feel beautiful, fun, and every bit as special as you are.

Bold prints, natural colors, and fun accessories are a great way to keep the spirit of summer alive, while keeping you “in-the-know” with seasonal trends! 

An eye-catching patterns is great for incorporating an accent color into your look.  You can be very intentional with the colors that you choose to wear.  I tend to lean towards greens, blues, and other colors that bring out the colors of my eyes.  They’re hazel if you didn’t know :)

The next color I look for in a fall pattern is an earth tone.  Luckily, the color of the season is Camel, a slightly darker version of tan that leans toward a caramel brown.  Needless to say, I’m ecstatic.  It’s an absolutely great color for the look I am talking about and it just so happens to make even the whitest of legs look great!  It’s a great color to incorporate, as it can be dressed up or dressed down. 

Speaking of portraying the look intentionally, accessories will take you straight to the top!  Now that you’ve chosen your pattern, finding accessories that pull the look together are key.  The finishing touches on your “work of art” for the day will catapult you into a confidence zone every person will notice. 

So let’s talk choices…  Going for a casual day on the town?  Try a simple patterned dress, a pair of flat to short wedged riding boots, and a short brimmed hat (to let them know you’re fun)!  Accessories could be a bit more glam, with a fun rhinestone bracelet and some fun lip stick.  Don’t be afraid to add flare to a dressed down look; it helps to pull the look together!   Heading out for a night on the town?  Opt for a bold top with a neutral base.  You can throw it together with heeled boots, or your favorite pair of booties/pumps.  This look has a lot of potential for just how dressy you want to go.  Some curls with bit of volume will scream “I’m sexy,” while a wide-brimmed hat will casually say “Hey there- Where’s the party?!” 

This look is really yours to own!  Speaking of owning….. These’s lucky contestants are the winners of our Honest Tea giveaway.  Send me an email letting me know your name and address and your week’s supply of Honest Tea will be on its way.  Thanks to all who entered.

Instagram Winners:



Facebook Winners:

Alyssa Seaton

Amber Rowe Flowers

Melissa Sexton



The Novice Native

PSL, Duh!

PSL, Duh!

The best time of year is upon us!  Turning leaves, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, and Football are filling your newsfeed and you have this insatiable yearning for being outdoors... Thankfully, this exciting change brings on so many things to be excited about.  The most exciting thing for me is the chance to swap out the summer wardrobe for a new, clean, and cozy look complete with warm colors and fun textures!