Friday Faves: Falling in Love with Fall

We are already halfway into OCTOBER!?  I can't believe it!  

This year is flying by and I'm falling more in love with life here in Denver with each passing week.

On a candid note, I've really been enjoying this new "Friday Faves" series.  People always say that journaling the positive things in your life is the best way to curate positive energy and happiness, and right now, I couldn't agree more.  These little entries have given me an opportunity to slow down and appreciate all of the little things in life.  I've been taking time to enjoy all of the blessings around me and truly appreciate some of the "extras" that make life easier.  The results have been astounding.  I'm happier, more thankful of what I have, and have found the ability to differentiate things I LOVE and things I like - annnnd I have the ability to share those things with you, my favorite people!


So let's kick off this week's list with a simple pleasure I noticed this past week!  I'm obsessed with our current sink-side decorations.  It might be a small corner, but these details are so special to me.  

Up First, the ring holder.  It was a gift from one of my very best friend's the day of my wedding; it was one of the first things I received that had mine and Andrew's initials.  The second is the little terrarium!  For our wedding, Andrew and I decided forgo the traditional candle lighting and create a unique piece of art, by combining two colors of sand, for our new home.  We topped the sand with seashells and air plants!  The last addition to this little corner is some amazing soap from Bath & Bodyworks.  Andrew's mother came for a visit and surprised me with this delicious smelling fall soap!  



Fall is my favorite season!  The weather is crisp and fresh.  Sweaters, scarves, and boots make fashion headlines.  What could be better?!  It's also the season of BIRTHDAYS.  If you're like me, you know hundreds of September, October, and November babies (including myself and Andrew).  I find myself constantly on the hunt for birthday gifts... mostly for myself, but sometimes others too!  So this section is dedicated to all of your shopping needs:

For You:

PC: @howdybrandon

PC: @howdybrandon

If you are looking to treat yourself to a little something, I recommend getting a custom fitted dress.  Don't worry -- I promise I'm not trying to break the bank!  This dress is from an online company called eShakti.com and their claim to fame is affordable fashion for all women.  No matter what your size, they will custom make any article of clothing from their collection JUST FOR YOU!  They even give you the option of changing the neckline, sleeve style, and other details to your liking.  Check them out here: eShakti

For Your Bestie:

PC: @noahbergphotography

PC: @noahbergphotography

Let's be honest... Every girl LOVES fall for one reason above all.. Starbucks' Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, or "PSLs" as they are more commonly known.  What better gift can you think of than this amazing PSL Sweatshirt from Care Diane?  It's the perfect top to sport during a much needed Netflix marathon of Gilmore Girls.  Add a bottle of wine and you've secured your friendship for the next 20 years.  Head over to Cara Diane and "treat yo'self" -- If you use the code "#NOVICENATIVE" you'll get 20% OFF your order.  

For your Mom (or Relative):

PC: @alex_takes_photos

PC: @alex_takes_photos

Gifting for someone that isn't practically your clone can be hard!  You don't want to get something they'll hate or something that's totally outside their age group, but also don't want to spend eternity trying to find the perfect gift -- I get it!  Look no further than mywalit.   This amazing company is perfect; they have a little something for everyone!  Wether her favorite is classic leather slouch bags or a fun colorful clutch, this company has a piece to fit her style.  I fell in love with this adorable clutch and the bright colors.  The quality is amazing and the leather feels so soft!  You can get your's here: www.mywalit.com



I get why everyone likes to get in shape before summer, but for someone who lives in Denver, fall is the best time to get in shape.  Ski season is just around the corner and winter happens to be our most active time!  With cooling nights come earlier sunsets, which means it harder to fit in that dreaded evening workout.  Instead of killing myself trying to change my eating habits and beginning a workout regimen, I decided to start with one of my favorite health kicks -- JUICING.  If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know I love juices.  This time, I decided to try a new brand of juices: SUJA.  I'm sure you've seen their ads and heard their name, but here's an honest review from someone who loves juice:

Their juice is amazing.  Andrew and I both did the 3-day Fresh Start and really enjoyed the cleanse.  The juices were sweeter than other cleanses I've tried, but so tasty!  It would be the perfect cleanse for someone trying their first juice.  The nutrition facts were on the back of the bottles, which I wasn't sure about at first, but I ended up loving it.  I could really feel a difference between each juice and started to "notice" the difference when it came to caloric intake.  The Blue Dream (purple) juice was hands down my favorite.  ER MAH GOSH -- OBSESSED!  I looked forward to it every night.  If you are looking to get clean and fit this fall, SUJA is the way to go.  Check out their website here!



Introducing Seasonal Sips:: The Gingerbread Wakeup Call

This fall, I have a new series I'm going to be introducing... "Seasonal Sips"!  

This series will highlight new and exciting self-created recipes from my kitchen to yours.  Through these recipes, I hope to connect with you and inspire you to try new brands of spirits with a fresh spin on old classics.  I hope you look forward to these as much as we have looked forward to creating them in our home!  I can't take all the credit for some of the recipes you'll see, Andrew helped when my creative juices were at wits end.

Without further delay, here is the first recipe I'm unveiling -- The Gingerbread Wakeup Call.

This TASTY and easy recipe has become a staple in our house.  The smooth coffee flavors are paired with a deliciously sweet holiday whiskey, making for an irritable fall treat!  Check out the full recipe below:

The Gingerbread Wakeup Call

1 Bottle Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee (Mocha Light Flavor, 9.5 oz)

1.5 oz Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice whiskey

1 can of whip cream

Cinnamon (ground)

Nutmeg (ground)

Cinnamon Stick, for garnish



First, remove the cap from the glass jar of coffee.  Place the coffee (in the topless jar) in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds.  While that's heating, poor your Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice whiskey in a fancy mug (because that's more festive).  After the coffee has been heated, poor the entire bottle over your whiskey.  Next, top with whip cream.  To finish, sprinkle equal amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg on top.  Garnish with a cinnamon stick.  




Friday Faves: A Full Makeover

Today’s “Friday Faves” post is a little longer than the last, mainly because it’s combining two weeks of favorites in to one! 

A little back story as to why:: Last week, I took some much needed time for R&R with Andrew (after having a really rough week – particularly Friday!) and decided to let myself off the hook for my scheduled post.  Through my blogging journey, I’ve discovered that my path to success is driven by listening to my own needs and allowing myself space to “let myself down” or not meet my self-induced, super-high expectations.  It’s been such a great chance to get to know myself and develop a healthy relationship with stress and my body! 

So now that you know you have a bunch to look forward to and why, let’s get the party started! 

I’ve had such a great time the past few weeks shopping for the new season, updating my tech equipment, and pushing myself to get fit that there’s a huge variety in my favorites this time around.


Let’s start with the device that makes all of my blogging dreams come true – The iPhone!  Not many of you know (because I couldn’t snap, call, or text), but I was in Dallas two weeks ago for a wedding.  While there, I dropped my phone and the screen died. Like immediately. Into a million little pieces.  I wasn’t upset though… Why?  Because I was still sporting the iPhone 6 16G in white and I seriously deserved an upgrade after that trauma.  I could only have 100 photos, NO music, and 3 videos on my phone at any given time.

CONVENTIENTLY!!! The new iPhone 7 was released the day after I got back to Denver!  Of course I decided to go with the rose gold one with 220-something GB of data.  I don’t even know what to do with all the extra memory space, but I love it!  The phone is definitely my favorite version yet.  The button isn’t as bad as people are making it seem; it still feels like a button when you push it and the sensitivity makes it so much easier to handle!   

A few other things I really like about the phone?  The camera – IT’S AMAZING!  I don’t even carry my DSLR camera anymore.  I also really like the Bluetooth headphone capability and haven’t missed the headphone jack.  The last thing I love about my new phone is MY CASE.  A huge shout out to Kate Spade for the party case – the new phone really is worth celebrating!  Shop my case here.


I was so excited for mail day this past Tuesday that when the package came I almost hugged the mailman!  These new Tory Burch sunglasses are absolutely going to be a fall favorite this season.  The yellow ear pieces are the perfect color of mustard and the turtle shell frames are everything.  I love that big lenses with pointed frames are coming back (along with chokers and wide-legged pants!).  I feel like I am reliving 3 different generations middle school experiences! 

The best part, I got them from a wonderful store in Dallas, Carlens Luxury Optical.  They always have the best prices.  If you are on the market for some new shades, give them a call or stop by their store – They are offering 20% OFF to anyone who mentions The Novice Native sent them… in case you didn’t realize, that’s a lot off a pair of sunnies!  They are located in Dallas off of HW75 (Central Expressway) & Park Ln or you can visit their website here.


This week’s fashion find is a two-for-one special!    

I had such a wonderful response to my date night outfit this past week, mainly the jeans, that I decided to feature them today.  They are SO comfy and definitely a FAVE in my closet.  To be honest, I’ve had them for 2 years and still wear them every chance I get…. So where do the magic jeans come from?  Express!  They aren’t selling this color anymore, but I found a darker version of them HERE !

My second obsession this week is this Blanket Scarf.  I have completely jumped on the scarf train.  They are so soft and definitely big enough to keep your neck warm.  I would have to say that my favorite part about this particular scarf is its ability to act like a blanket when I’m really cold; I can take it off my neck, unfold it, and wrap it around my shoulders like a blanket… Needless to say, it’s been properly named. 

(photos by Alex_Takes_Photos IG:: @alex_takes_photos)


Last on today’s list, but certainly not least, is my new tool in battling the effects of my car accident.  I had so many questions about my accident after posting about getting Botox that I decided to share another tool I’ve used to help with the muscle tension and spasms related to whiplash. 

This series of tools is a product of RAD ROLLER.  They are a Denver-based company who create rollers and massage tools that tailor to smaller areas.  If you need an example, the photo above shows me rolling a very small area of my neck without hurting other areas or pulling my hair!  I was introduced to them at a Lululemon event a few months ago and fell in love with their products. (p.s. that's where my leggings are from)

The tiny rollers and balls have been life savers, significantly reducing the number of massages I’ve received since beginning to use them.  I “roll out” my tension spots on a daily basis and use the balls on pressure points I was trained help with overall well-being.  My hands are the primary place I use them, as I spend a lot of time writing and typing.  They provide a ton of relief when I’m starting to feel fatigued.  You can check them out here, and feel free to ask me any questions!! 

My full set of tools HERE

Flawless Fall Makeup Tutorial!

Happy Wednesday, guys!  I hope you are getting to enjoy cooler nights like we are here in CO.  Last night, after I styled today's outfit, I realized it's been a while since I created a vlog post for you all.  So here you have it -- today's post is a quick, flawless makeup tutorial that's perfect for cooler weather!  

After filming,  I realized I didn't address mascara.  I have eyelash extensions (which I recently got for the first time and will be reviewing next week), so you will want to apply mascara as step one, if needed!

Don't Put Away Your Favorite White Pants!

“No white after Labor Day!”  -- Ever heard that saying? 

If so, I have some news for you! 

Since the news is both good and bad, I’ll give you the good news first.  It’s not a thing anymore – white after Labor Day is completely acceptable.  Now, that doesn’t mean that you can just wear white however you please, there is still a few rules to follow... but I’ll help you navigate them! 

The bad news? You can’t associate with the person who taught you that saying anymore.  They clearly don’t have your best interests at heart. So, say a quick goodbye to your grandmother and pack your bags for better living!

White is one of my FAVORITE fall colors.  Actually, if I’m being honest… It’s one of my favorite colors all year round.  However, during the fall season, the presence of white in an outfit helps to distinguish it from the later trends of the year – winter.  Incorporating white into your ensemble is a great way to keep you look fresh and light, while still allowing you to add seasonal colors like mustard and wine. 

Pairing the white with the right combination is key.  If you try and add too bold of a color to your white pants, you may end up looking mismatched.  To give you an example, I’ve paired my favorite white relaxed-skinny jeans with a neutral charcoal blouse.  This combination allows me to pull in the warmer tones of the fall trends, without going too dark and conflicting. 

Adding a wine colored clutch, in a suede fabric, pulls in another seasonal color, but the fabric helps to make that transition soft!  If I had gone with a harsher bag composition, I would have changed my pants from a distressed/relaxed style to a sleeker style, or a slack looking pant with a crease.  I also chose a lip color in the same family as the bag!  That was a personal preference, mainly because the lipstick is one of my favs (look for my review on it this Friday!!)

To finish off the perfect “fall-white”, I incorporated another neutral color in my shoes.  The beige suede bootie pulls in the neutral tone of the blouse and the texture of the clutch.  This finishing touch allowed my look to come full circle and look polished, complete, and ready for the season ahead!



Photo Credit : Noah Berg Photography (@noahbergphotography)

Long Locks of Golden Sunshine : HERE

Lipstick: HERE (use code "REBECCA" for a discount)

Bootie: Sam Edleman |  Pants: Express | Top: Inspyre Boutique

Weekend Update, Fall Finds, and 4K Giveaway!!

Photo Credit: Alex Martinex (@alex_takes_photos)

Photo Credit: Alex Martinex (@alex_takes_photos)

Happy Tuesday, guys! 

I hope you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the holiday as much as I did -- Today, I’m going to change up my post a little bit.  I’m going back to my diary roots and chatting about my weekend before I give you the full run down on this awesome transitional ensemble that’s perfect for a new season!  THEN, I’ll be announcing my next give away — I promise you won’t want to miss it!

The Weekend

My holiday weekend started Thursday evening with a home cooked meal Andrew and I prepared together.  Staying home and making a delicious meal together is one of our favorite Date Night activities! 

Friday was quite different, as I spend the day in collaboration meetings and working from Blackeye Coffee with my other half, Hannah (from Styled by Hannah Moon).  We quickly realized that mimosas at 2:00 weren’t going to make themselves, so we decided to take the work party back to my house and turn it up a notch.  If you missed the snapchats, consider yourself lucky! 

Saturday was started off a bit hazy, but quickly made headline in the weekend line up with awesome seats to the Colorado Rockies game!  Sadly, they were able to pull off a "W", but the French fries at the stadium were on point! 

Sunday, Andrew’s parents came to town.  We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed a delicious meal at Cholon, in my opinion, Denver’s best Asian fusion restaurant.  The food was artistic, tasty, and so much fun to eat! 

Monday, we headed over to Unser Karting & Events for some high speed racing.  We had a blast as we barreled down the track at speeds close to 45 mph!  It was a great way to spend the day visiting and laughing at my grandma speeds. 

The Wardrobe Run Down

Now let’s chat what the holiday weekend means for you, your closet, and sanity! 

Fall is an awesome season to break out the sweaters, layers, and natural dark colors, but done incorrectly, you could be swimming in your clothes.  Since we aren’t quite to bone chilling mornings, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to take it one step at a time!  The first step to avoiding that dreaded frumpy look is slowly adding heavier, darker pieces to you summer look.  It will keep you feeling light, but tying in the shift in color palette! 

This look is exactly that.  It’s light and perfect for warmer afternoons, but the suede, black skirt is the exact transitional piece everyone should own.  The heavier fabric and dark color smooth the choppy mixing that can sometimes happen in season change.  Note the thin crop top and chunkier bootie; they balance the look.  Had I chosen a heavier top, that drab, bulky, overpowering fall look would have been in full swing.  On the same note, a strappy heal or flat would have done the opposite – it would have pulled the look too far back and started looking too summery. 

Keep these quick tips in mind when styling your transitional look – you’re going to look fabulous!

The Giveaway!

I’m so excited to announce that I have finally hit 4,000 followers on Instagram!  I am so thankful for all of my followers and the collaborations that make me successful, so I have decided to thank you all in a different kind of way. 

This week, I’ll be rolling out a new giveaway on The Novice Native.  One lucky follower and a friend will be going on a shopping spree, compliments of moi!  Each winner will be sent $100 gift card to Nordstrom to help fill out their fall wardrobe.  In just a few days, on Instagram, I’ll be posting a photo with specific instructions on how to enter – unlimited entries are accepted!  Check out @the_novice_native over the next few days for your chance to win!

If you don’t have Instagram, I don’t want to exclude you, so sign up for my email newsletter and I’ll be sending you a link to enter!! 

Thank you again for making The Novice Native everything that it is.  I wouldn’t be here without you all!