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Date Night at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Sloans Lake


Andrew and I love the movies!  

Well, that's not entirely true.  Before I met Andrew, I never really watched movies (unless it was in the theater).  And truthfully, the only reason I went to the movies was because the theater behind my house was amazing!  Alamo Drafthouse is a unique, quirky theater with small auditoriums and strict rules on talking/texting (god, I sound like my mother...).  Not only are the pre-show commercials entertaining and relevant, they serve AMAZING food and craft beers all movie long.  It's a little slice of millennial heaven!

Andrew on the other hand LOVES movies.  He can be dead tired - and extremely cranky - but somehow have enough energy to watch 2 movies on his iPad... When we first met, we played the whole "getting to know you game," asking each other questions and so forth.  One round, we somehow ended up on the topic of movies.  Andrew started asking me all about the movies I'd seen and which were my favorite.  Unfortunately, trying to see if we had that in common.  Let me just put it this way -- the conversation ended with Andrew asking: "Did you grow up under a rock?"  This came about after I confessed to never seeing Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Godfathers, and about a dozen other "classics".

Fast forward 5 years and here we are --  old, married, and running a business. Life gets hectic and we often times find ourselves planning out 1-on-1 time for Date Night.  We've done the dinner scene, are over the bar scene, and I find bowling alleys kind of gross.  So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Alamo Drafthouse (my little piece of Texas) was putting in a location 12 minutes from my house!!!

To celebrate the HUGE event that we had just learned was taking place, we immediately decided to pop over for a fun-filled date night full of Geeks Who Drink Trivia at BarFly and a thrilling adventure with Wonder Woman at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Sloans Lake!  The experience we had at this location was everything I hoped it would be.  Andrew and I loved the trivia rounds and some of the new items they had added to the menu hit so hard.  (and now I'm showing how much I love food - whoops!)  Seriously.  Get the Bahn Mi. 

If you are ever in the area, and looking for a unique experience to view a movie, I strongly recommend Alamo Drafthouse (Sloans Lake location).  Who knows, maybe you'll catch us there playing trivia on a Monday Night at 7:00 :] 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Alamo Drafthouse.  The opinions and text are all mine.

10 Unique Date Night Ideas

Today’s post is all about date night ideas to get you “out of the box”… Literally. 

There’s no reason that every date night should consist of dinner and a movie.  Not to say there is anything wrong with the classic date night run down, but sometimes it’s fun to spice things up and try something new! 

While most of these little rendezvouses are based on Denver locations, the same ideas can be implemented in different cities… all you have to do is be creative and don’t worry, I’ll help!

I’ve also linked the most recent Date Night look I sported for you!!  You can shop it here, or visit Intrigue Boutique in Denver.  (I’m wearing a Medium, so it fits through the torso!)

Fasten your booties, the fun is just about to start!  Here’s 10 great date night ideas you’ll want to do this summer::

1) Fun in the Sun

Take a basket of food and a blanket to a pretty park!  Some call this a picnic, but we are going to take it one step further.  If you’ve known your partner for a while, I implore you grab a few 5 gallon buckets (12 to be exact), two toy basketballs (about 5” in diameter), and a 6 (or 12) pack of beer.  You’ll want to fill one of these buckets with water, because you, my dear, are going to be playing bucket pong!! 

2) Need for Speed

Another great date night idea is extreme go cart racing!   Unser racing is an awesome, out of the norm track located minutes from Downtown Denver.  The thrill of the track and the competitive environment is a blast.  The experience offers hours of laughs and memories!

3) A Day at the Track

Another great way to get the fun, competitive juices flowing is to hit the local horse races.  Although, instead of being on opposite sides, you’ll be cheering for the same team.  Take some cash and place a few bets!  You’ll have a blast watching all the horses cross the finish line.

4) Pamper Me at the Spa

Yes, I know... Spas are SO EXPENSIVE.  So instead of breaking the bank, I'm suggesting you bring the spa home.  Spend a few dollars and get the essentials of baby manicures, some bath salts, some fun face masks, a cucumber, and some scented lotion!  Before you start your day at home, plan out the flow to "treatments" and have robes ready.  Start by filling the bathtub with warm water, you can soak your feet and enjoy a nice glass of champagne while talking. Then, move to the kitchen table for baby manicures.  After your feeling relaxed, take turns giving each other hand and shoulder massages!  Finally, apply the face masks and cucumbers, while playing some relaxing music, sit back and enjoy :)  Head to the shower after for a clean fresh feeling!


If you’re looking to stay local, or want to stick closer to the “norm” the next three suggestions are for you!!

5) A Modern Day Dinner and a Movie

While the cliché of dinner and a movie can be uninviting, a new kind of theater has made its way to Denver!  The Alamo Drafthouse is a new take on an old idea… They offer a full service bar and restaurant, all served while you are watching your movie.  Not only is the food amazing, but the theaters are small and eclectic, making the entire experience a joy!

6) Tapas and Dessert

Have you been to a restaurant where everything looks so amazing, you can’t help but want to try everything?  It’s so hard not to order 6 things... Luckily, some genius came up with the idea of tapas.  One of Denver’s top-rated restaurant, Linger, is a tapas style eatery!  They offer an amazing selection of shared plates to be enjoyed by the whole table.  Trust me, the food is absolutely amazing and you’re guaranteed to leave happy—just make sure you leave room for the ice cream shop next door!  Little Man Ice Cream is hand down the best craft ice-cream place in Denver.  My personal favorite is the Salted Carmel!

7) A Different Kind of Adventure

Looking for something totally different?  One of the coolest dessert spots we’ve found around Denver is a little place called the Inventing Room, located in LoDo.  They hand create every dessert to order, specially crafted to smoke with liquid nitrogen.  Don’t let the idea scare you… the food is not only a work of art, it’s so tasty!  We had a blast mixing and matching our desert choices with some friends recently… most importantly, there wasn’t a single item I didn’t love!


Wanting to do something a bit more physical??

8) Go for a Nature Hike

Getting some fresh air is a sure fire way to enjoy your day!  Now bring someone you love along and make it all the more fun.  The Flatirons hike, located just outside of Boulder, is one of Andrew’s and mine favorite paths near Denver.  Boulder is a short drive from the city and offers a multitude of restaurants and shopping to visit after your workout!  If you are visiting for a date, stop by Cantina Laredo for a bite to eat!

9) Staying “In-the-Box”

Sometimes staying “in-the-box” is the most effective way to be creative… literally.  If you are looking for a totally different kind of date, you can always check out different athletic boxes!  Trying a new class, at a new place, is a great way to break out of the routine and do something healthy as bonding time!  Many boxes offer one time passes, for a small fee, to try out a group class or use the facilities!  If you fall in love with these types of dates, you can always check out Class Pass, a membership program that allows you to hop gyms and try all of their classes for a small price!


Lastly, this post just wouldn’t be as personal if I didn’t include our favorite date night!

10) Wine/Liquor Tasting

Often times, Andrew and I will venture out and find a new winery or distillery we haven’t tried.  We love trying different kinds of wine and spirits!  While the actually drinking is fun, probably one of my favorite parts is we act silly and pretend to be snobby/experts while we are tasting.  Sometimes we speak in accents or try to guess what foods would pair perfectly with our samples.  No matter where we are, it’s always a good time!




A Date Night Outfit You Can't Pass Up!

20160510_Leopard 6.jpg

Today on the blog, I’m talking “date night” essentials, all captured by Noah Berg Photography (@noahbergphotography). 

With summer just around the corner… finding weather appropriate garments can be difficult if you are trying to stay a little on the modest side.  I’m going to walk you through my thought process and provide a few examples of ways to get that perfect look (demanding respect – yet calling attention!). 

This adorable dress would have been typical for a night out on the town in college, and probably alllll I would have worn, but as I have adjusted to life after the party, I’ve grown to love the comfort of not being COLD! 

Now before you go calling me “grandma,” let me explain that just because I have befriended the best girlfriend on the earth, Comfort, doesn’t mean I have to lose all feistiness to my outfit.  This look is a clear example of how classy, comfortable, and sassy can all play nicely together. 

Let’s talk base layer first… This dress, worn by itself, is super sexy.  It’s tight fitting, rather short, and has amazing lines to accentuate curves.  However, it’s not something I would feel comfortable wearing alone anymore.  Struggling with the desire to look fierce, while trying to stay within one’s comfort zone is a place I would guess many women find themselves… So I found the perfect solution à Layering it with a cute top and pairing it with the perfect accessories. 

Since I decided to add to the complexity of this look, I needed to add to the appeal.  The leopard print on the dress, topped with a basic button up was the perfect combination.  It’s conservative, but still fun and flirty.  I chose a very neutral top, but something in style… chambray.  Tying at the waist was a great way to pull attention to the small of my wait, while hiding my big bootie.

Lastly, let’s talk shoes… depending on the person, you can make your shoe selection your own, but for me, the leopard print dress is about as showy as I like to go.  For that reason, I chose a sensible, comfortable small bootie with an open toe.  The heel on this amazing pair of shoes is thick and super reliable over cobblestone walkways.  You pair the babies with a high-end beautiful purse with classic lines and structure, I mean, you’ve got yourself an age appropriate power-suit to rock your date night.

Okay… After re-reading this little overview…. I’m officially an old lady :/  oh well… guess Fitz needs a kitty friend.  #catlady