Friday Faves: Falling in Love with Fall

We are already halfway into OCTOBER!?  I can't believe it!  

This year is flying by and I'm falling more in love with life here in Denver with each passing week.

On a candid note, I've really been enjoying this new "Friday Faves" series.  People always say that journaling the positive things in your life is the best way to curate positive energy and happiness, and right now, I couldn't agree more.  These little entries have given me an opportunity to slow down and appreciate all of the little things in life.  I've been taking time to enjoy all of the blessings around me and truly appreciate some of the "extras" that make life easier.  The results have been astounding.  I'm happier, more thankful of what I have, and have found the ability to differentiate things I LOVE and things I like - annnnd I have the ability to share those things with you, my favorite people!


So let's kick off this week's list with a simple pleasure I noticed this past week!  I'm obsessed with our current sink-side decorations.  It might be a small corner, but these details are so special to me.  

Up First, the ring holder.  It was a gift from one of my very best friend's the day of my wedding; it was one of the first things I received that had mine and Andrew's initials.  The second is the little terrarium!  For our wedding, Andrew and I decided forgo the traditional candle lighting and create a unique piece of art, by combining two colors of sand, for our new home.  We topped the sand with seashells and air plants!  The last addition to this little corner is some amazing soap from Bath & Bodyworks.  Andrew's mother came for a visit and surprised me with this delicious smelling fall soap!  



Fall is my favorite season!  The weather is crisp and fresh.  Sweaters, scarves, and boots make fashion headlines.  What could be better?!  It's also the season of BIRTHDAYS.  If you're like me, you know hundreds of September, October, and November babies (including myself and Andrew).  I find myself constantly on the hunt for birthday gifts... mostly for myself, but sometimes others too!  So this section is dedicated to all of your shopping needs:

For You:

PC: @howdybrandon

PC: @howdybrandon

If you are looking to treat yourself to a little something, I recommend getting a custom fitted dress.  Don't worry -- I promise I'm not trying to break the bank!  This dress is from an online company called and their claim to fame is affordable fashion for all women.  No matter what your size, they will custom make any article of clothing from their collection JUST FOR YOU!  They even give you the option of changing the neckline, sleeve style, and other details to your liking.  Check them out here: eShakti

For Your Bestie:

PC: @noahbergphotography

PC: @noahbergphotography

Let's be honest... Every girl LOVES fall for one reason above all.. Starbucks' Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, or "PSLs" as they are more commonly known.  What better gift can you think of than this amazing PSL Sweatshirt from Care Diane?  It's the perfect top to sport during a much needed Netflix marathon of Gilmore Girls.  Add a bottle of wine and you've secured your friendship for the next 20 years.  Head over to Cara Diane and "treat yo'self" -- If you use the code "#NOVICENATIVE" you'll get 20% OFF your order.  

For your Mom (or Relative):

PC: @alex_takes_photos

PC: @alex_takes_photos

Gifting for someone that isn't practically your clone can be hard!  You don't want to get something they'll hate or something that's totally outside their age group, but also don't want to spend eternity trying to find the perfect gift -- I get it!  Look no further than mywalit.   This amazing company is perfect; they have a little something for everyone!  Wether her favorite is classic leather slouch bags or a fun colorful clutch, this company has a piece to fit her style.  I fell in love with this adorable clutch and the bright colors.  The quality is amazing and the leather feels so soft!  You can get your's here:



I get why everyone likes to get in shape before summer, but for someone who lives in Denver, fall is the best time to get in shape.  Ski season is just around the corner and winter happens to be our most active time!  With cooling nights come earlier sunsets, which means it harder to fit in that dreaded evening workout.  Instead of killing myself trying to change my eating habits and beginning a workout regimen, I decided to start with one of my favorite health kicks -- JUICING.  If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know I love juices.  This time, I decided to try a new brand of juices: SUJA.  I'm sure you've seen their ads and heard their name, but here's an honest review from someone who loves juice:

Their juice is amazing.  Andrew and I both did the 3-day Fresh Start and really enjoyed the cleanse.  The juices were sweeter than other cleanses I've tried, but so tasty!  It would be the perfect cleanse for someone trying their first juice.  The nutrition facts were on the back of the bottles, which I wasn't sure about at first, but I ended up loving it.  I could really feel a difference between each juice and started to "notice" the difference when it came to caloric intake.  The Blue Dream (purple) juice was hands down my favorite.  ER MAH GOSH -- OBSESSED!  I looked forward to it every night.  If you are looking to get clean and fit this fall, SUJA is the way to go.  Check out their website here!



Weekend Wrap Up -- Shopping, Spas, and Shoots!

Today’s update is packed full of fun and great to know happenings in my world!!  The weekend started with an awesome date night at a friends for some light bites and cocktails.  Oh my gosh – YUM!  We ended up skipping dinner, which was probably a bad idea looking back.  Needless to say, my alarm came way too fast a few hours later!

Saturday morning, I loaded up the car (after 2 cups of coffee and McDonald’s) and headed to Milk & Honey Kitchen for our first Blogger Closet Sale!  If you don’t have a clue what that means… It’s basically a sale where a group of Denver Fashion Bloggers have all of our barely worn (mostly photographed) outfits out for you to purchase.  It is basically every fashionista’s dream: mimosas, brunch bites, and DISCOUNTED SHOPPING!  I had an amazing time meeting some of you lovelies and letting you take home some of my favorite pieces from the past few seasons!  We had such an amazing time and wonderful response, that we have decided to host the sale more regularly – yay shopping!  The brunch from Milk & Honey Kitchen was AMAZING I went home telling Andrew we haaaaad to go back.  Please get the Nutella French Toast (topped with bananas) when you go – you won’t hate it.

Saturday night was just as eventful, with an amazing exclusive blogger party at my favorite aesthetic spa – GlossHouz!  I’ve been before with my mom for a spa day (which was glorious), but having all my best babes with me made it that much more fun.  We did a champagne tasting and had tons of snacks and sweets.  After some catching up, I settled in for a very relaxing manicure and feeling a bit crazy – I got an awesome design on my party fingers!  We sipped and danced the night away, before I headed home for some R&R with Andrew!

On Sunday, I spent the day doing a little shopping before a shoot that afternoon.  It ended up working perfectly, because I snagged 3 outfits from Denver Street Boutique that I wore for the shoot!  Here's a sneak peak at my new fall finds :)  If you like any of these looks, you can can shop online or find Lindsey and her truck running around Denver this week.  Check out her Instagram for details!

If you weren't in the know before... you are now -- this season's look is 70's meets 90's!  Slicked hair, bells sleeves, and all things print/distressed are in.  Hope you have a wonderful week! 


Wait. You got BOTOX?!

It may surprise most of you, but I recently turned to BOTOX to solve a few of my medical needs.  

First things first, let’s get the elephant out of the room! Yes, part of the draw for me was the added bonus of fine-line relief and elasticity retention.  However, the main reason I sought treatment was to help relieve the pain I experience from migraines.

As many of you know, Andrew and I were in a car accident in May of 2014.  In that accident, I suffered several injuries, including a neck injury and a concussion that left me bed ridden for 9 days.  I never understood the severity of concussions until having one myself, so I was floored to learn the long term impact on the brain and cognitive process.  I had never in my life had a migraine before the accident, but after the healing process began, I started experiencing them more and more frequently.  They have continued to get worse, as time has passed, and have become more frequent in Denver’s ever changing climate (mostly tied to the barometric pressure).

These painful, debilitating headaches always leave me frustrated and feeling hopeless.  You can imagine my disbelief when a girl friend of mine mentioned that I should consider BOTOX as a remedy. 

Never the less, my curiosity got the best of me and I started researching injection specialist in the Denver area.  Thankfully, I came across Taylor Campbell, with Restorative Injectables!  I met her for a free consultation and immediately felt as ease!  She went over her bio, which included her experience as a Nurse Practitioner and extensive training in facial aesthetic nonsurgical treatments.  She explained the muscles system in my face that were causing my migraines, and also explained my worsening “11’s” between my eyes!  After that appointment, I knew that if I was going to try BOTOX, Taylor would be the one to administer my shots. 

After a lot of deliberation, and research, I felt that BOTOX was a great option for me.  One of the biggest things I considered in my decision was the fact that BOTOX isn’t permanent… if I hated it, or it didn’t work for me, I didn’t have to do it again.  So, I made my appointment.

When I arrived, I had schedule 2 hours for my appointment.  I felt silly when I was leaving 20 minutes later.  The procedure was painless, quick, and I was completely comfortable.  I couldn’t have imagined it could go more smoothly. 

How did things turn out for me?  I HAVEN’T HAD A MIGRAINE IN 6 WEEKS!!!!!  I couldn’t be happier with the product, with Taylor, or with my natural looking non-wrinkled forehead.  If you’ve been considering BOTOX, whether it be for migraines, cosmetic, or simply curiosity… You have to give Taylor a call!


Restorative Injectables by Taylor Campbell


88 Inverness Circle East, A105

Englewood, Colorado 80112

Schedule an appointment today: (405) 620-4575



All photos by Noah Berg Photography (@noahbergphotography)

Weekend Update, Fall Finds, and 4K Giveaway!!

Photo Credit: Alex Martinex (@alex_takes_photos)

Photo Credit: Alex Martinex (@alex_takes_photos)

Happy Tuesday, guys! 

I hope you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the holiday as much as I did -- Today, I’m going to change up my post a little bit.  I’m going back to my diary roots and chatting about my weekend before I give you the full run down on this awesome transitional ensemble that’s perfect for a new season!  THEN, I’ll be announcing my next give away — I promise you won’t want to miss it!

The Weekend

My holiday weekend started Thursday evening with a home cooked meal Andrew and I prepared together.  Staying home and making a delicious meal together is one of our favorite Date Night activities! 

Friday was quite different, as I spend the day in collaboration meetings and working from Blackeye Coffee with my other half, Hannah (from Styled by Hannah Moon).  We quickly realized that mimosas at 2:00 weren’t going to make themselves, so we decided to take the work party back to my house and turn it up a notch.  If you missed the snapchats, consider yourself lucky! 

Saturday was started off a bit hazy, but quickly made headline in the weekend line up with awesome seats to the Colorado Rockies game!  Sadly, they were able to pull off a "W", but the French fries at the stadium were on point! 

Sunday, Andrew’s parents came to town.  We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed a delicious meal at Cholon, in my opinion, Denver’s best Asian fusion restaurant.  The food was artistic, tasty, and so much fun to eat! 

Monday, we headed over to Unser Karting & Events for some high speed racing.  We had a blast as we barreled down the track at speeds close to 45 mph!  It was a great way to spend the day visiting and laughing at my grandma speeds. 

The Wardrobe Run Down

Now let’s chat what the holiday weekend means for you, your closet, and sanity! 

Fall is an awesome season to break out the sweaters, layers, and natural dark colors, but done incorrectly, you could be swimming in your clothes.  Since we aren’t quite to bone chilling mornings, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to take it one step at a time!  The first step to avoiding that dreaded frumpy look is slowly adding heavier, darker pieces to you summer look.  It will keep you feeling light, but tying in the shift in color palette! 

This look is exactly that.  It’s light and perfect for warmer afternoons, but the suede, black skirt is the exact transitional piece everyone should own.  The heavier fabric and dark color smooth the choppy mixing that can sometimes happen in season change.  Note the thin crop top and chunkier bootie; they balance the look.  Had I chosen a heavier top, that drab, bulky, overpowering fall look would have been in full swing.  On the same note, a strappy heal or flat would have done the opposite – it would have pulled the look too far back and started looking too summery. 

Keep these quick tips in mind when styling your transitional look – you’re going to look fabulous!

The Giveaway!

I’m so excited to announce that I have finally hit 4,000 followers on Instagram!  I am so thankful for all of my followers and the collaborations that make me successful, so I have decided to thank you all in a different kind of way. 

This week, I’ll be rolling out a new giveaway on The Novice Native.  One lucky follower and a friend will be going on a shopping spree, compliments of moi!  Each winner will be sent $100 gift card to Nordstrom to help fill out their fall wardrobe.  In just a few days, on Instagram, I’ll be posting a photo with specific instructions on how to enter – unlimited entries are accepted!  Check out @the_novice_native over the next few days for your chance to win!

If you don’t have Instagram, I don’t want to exclude you, so sign up for my email newsletter and I’ll be sending you a link to enter!! 

Thank you again for making The Novice Native everything that it is.  I wouldn’t be here without you all!



10 Unique Date Night Ideas

Today’s post is all about date night ideas to get you “out of the box”… Literally. 

There’s no reason that every date night should consist of dinner and a movie.  Not to say there is anything wrong with the classic date night run down, but sometimes it’s fun to spice things up and try something new! 

While most of these little rendezvouses are based on Denver locations, the same ideas can be implemented in different cities… all you have to do is be creative and don’t worry, I’ll help!

I’ve also linked the most recent Date Night look I sported for you!!  You can shop it here, or visit Intrigue Boutique in Denver.  (I’m wearing a Medium, so it fits through the torso!)

Fasten your booties, the fun is just about to start!  Here’s 10 great date night ideas you’ll want to do this summer::

1) Fun in the Sun

Take a basket of food and a blanket to a pretty park!  Some call this a picnic, but we are going to take it one step further.  If you’ve known your partner for a while, I implore you grab a few 5 gallon buckets (12 to be exact), two toy basketballs (about 5” in diameter), and a 6 (or 12) pack of beer.  You’ll want to fill one of these buckets with water, because you, my dear, are going to be playing bucket pong!! 

2) Need for Speed

Another great date night idea is extreme go cart racing!   Unser racing is an awesome, out of the norm track located minutes from Downtown Denver.  The thrill of the track and the competitive environment is a blast.  The experience offers hours of laughs and memories!

3) A Day at the Track

Another great way to get the fun, competitive juices flowing is to hit the local horse races.  Although, instead of being on opposite sides, you’ll be cheering for the same team.  Take some cash and place a few bets!  You’ll have a blast watching all the horses cross the finish line.

4) Pamper Me at the Spa

Yes, I know... Spas are SO EXPENSIVE.  So instead of breaking the bank, I'm suggesting you bring the spa home.  Spend a few dollars and get the essentials of baby manicures, some bath salts, some fun face masks, a cucumber, and some scented lotion!  Before you start your day at home, plan out the flow to "treatments" and have robes ready.  Start by filling the bathtub with warm water, you can soak your feet and enjoy a nice glass of champagne while talking. Then, move to the kitchen table for baby manicures.  After your feeling relaxed, take turns giving each other hand and shoulder massages!  Finally, apply the face masks and cucumbers, while playing some relaxing music, sit back and enjoy :)  Head to the shower after for a clean fresh feeling!


If you’re looking to stay local, or want to stick closer to the “norm” the next three suggestions are for you!!

5) A Modern Day Dinner and a Movie

While the cliché of dinner and a movie can be uninviting, a new kind of theater has made its way to Denver!  The Alamo Drafthouse is a new take on an old idea… They offer a full service bar and restaurant, all served while you are watching your movie.  Not only is the food amazing, but the theaters are small and eclectic, making the entire experience a joy!

6) Tapas and Dessert

Have you been to a restaurant where everything looks so amazing, you can’t help but want to try everything?  It’s so hard not to order 6 things... Luckily, some genius came up with the idea of tapas.  One of Denver’s top-rated restaurant, Linger, is a tapas style eatery!  They offer an amazing selection of shared plates to be enjoyed by the whole table.  Trust me, the food is absolutely amazing and you’re guaranteed to leave happy—just make sure you leave room for the ice cream shop next door!  Little Man Ice Cream is hand down the best craft ice-cream place in Denver.  My personal favorite is the Salted Carmel!

7) A Different Kind of Adventure

Looking for something totally different?  One of the coolest dessert spots we’ve found around Denver is a little place called the Inventing Room, located in LoDo.  They hand create every dessert to order, specially crafted to smoke with liquid nitrogen.  Don’t let the idea scare you… the food is not only a work of art, it’s so tasty!  We had a blast mixing and matching our desert choices with some friends recently… most importantly, there wasn’t a single item I didn’t love!


Wanting to do something a bit more physical??

8) Go for a Nature Hike

Getting some fresh air is a sure fire way to enjoy your day!  Now bring someone you love along and make it all the more fun.  The Flatirons hike, located just outside of Boulder, is one of Andrew’s and mine favorite paths near Denver.  Boulder is a short drive from the city and offers a multitude of restaurants and shopping to visit after your workout!  If you are visiting for a date, stop by Cantina Laredo for a bite to eat!

9) Staying “In-the-Box”

Sometimes staying “in-the-box” is the most effective way to be creative… literally.  If you are looking for a totally different kind of date, you can always check out different athletic boxes!  Trying a new class, at a new place, is a great way to break out of the routine and do something healthy as bonding time!  Many boxes offer one time passes, for a small fee, to try out a group class or use the facilities!  If you fall in love with these types of dates, you can always check out Class Pass, a membership program that allows you to hop gyms and try all of their classes for a small price!


Lastly, this post just wouldn’t be as personal if I didn’t include our favorite date night!

10) Wine/Liquor Tasting

Often times, Andrew and I will venture out and find a new winery or distillery we haven’t tried.  We love trying different kinds of wine and spirits!  While the actually drinking is fun, probably one of my favorite parts is we act silly and pretend to be snobby/experts while we are tasting.  Sometimes we speak in accents or try to guess what foods would pair perfectly with our samples.  No matter where we are, it’s always a good time!




Dallas Bound for the Byron!

Clean, crisp and stylish.  That’s what this look has going for it!

Over the past few months, I’ve fallen in love with the simplicity of neutral looks.  The blank pallet of color, in this case my white top, are classy and easy to pair with a multitude of bottoms.  The best part? They can have details that catch attention, but do so without an overwhelming presence. 

I discovered this little ensemble when shopping for an upcoming trip.  I was having trouble planning my outfits when I stumbled into a local Denver boutique: Intrigue Boutique Denver.  I was so excited because they carried reasonably priced, adorable clothing!!  I actually found two outfits that I’ll be sporting on my little trip, but you’ll have to wait for the next look.  So where am I going?

This week, I’ll be heading to Dallas to walk with my cousin, Alex Moon, as he plays in his first ever PGA tour: The Byron Nelson.  The Byron has always been my favorite golf tournament, as it was played just minutes from our house growing up.  The warm spring weather, the fun sun hats, the Club 14 bar, and the light applause that comes in waves are all memories I’ll have forever.  The fact that Alex is getting to play in it this year is beyond exciting.

Obviously the outfit I wear is going to be important!  It has to be functional, golf appropriate, and adorable… This look was all of those!  The white top is light and loose fitting, which will help keep me cool in the Texas heat.  Meanwhile, the jeans I’ve chosen to wear are cotton based, which will breathe well, and will provide cover so my white legs don’t burn!  No joke, these are my new favorite jeans.  They feel like butter they are so soft!  The colorful necklace provides a hint of color keeping the look feeling spring-like and fun.  I’ve paired that accessory with some adorable and super comfy wedges that will be easy to walk in.

I cannot wait to get home, surrounded by family, and spend some time cheering Alex on!  Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (thenovicenative) to live the experience with me.  It’s going to be the best time!