Pure Cacao Apple Fries – A Whole30 Friendly Snack


I’m so excited to bring you a delicious Whole30 recipe today, while sharing a great company too! Cholaca baking chips are pure liquid cacao---if you haven’t had cacao, it is a superfood that is one of the main ingredients in chocolate.  It is the bitter, “chocolate” taste you experience when eating a dark chocolate candy bar.  The percent of the cacao in the chocolate bar determines the bitterness of the candy… which is why dark chocolate tastes more bitter than milk-chocolate – and some consider it healthier!  Cholaca, on the other hand, is pure cacao and is great for you, has no sugar, AND it’s a superfood…. It’s honestly the closest thing to heaven on earth!

What is Cholaca and Regenerative Farming?

Cholaca, based in Boulder, Co, was founded in 2012 by Ira Leibtag. Ira’s vision was to sustainably partner with farmers in Peru and Ecuador to bring liquid cacao to the world, which is hands down my favorite part of this company and their products!   This is accomplished through regenerative farming, which is a practice that sources bean from cacao farms on the Ecuadorian Pacific coast, that practice Regenerative farming. Regenerative farming is a practice that “not only “does no harm” to the land but actually improves it, using technologies that regenerate and revitalize the soil and the environment. Regenerative agriculture leads to healthy soil, capable of producing high quality, nutrient dense food while simultaneously improving, rather than degrading land, and ultimately leading to productive farms and healthy communities and economies” (regenerationinternational.org). Even more impressive, Cholaca is also certified Fair Trade, something Ira is so pationate about. 


What are the health benefits of Cholaca?

Cholaca has antioxidants, flavonoids, flavanols, oleic acid, and iron. The antioxidants can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Flavonoids can help repair cell damage and flavanols have beneficial phytonutrients. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fat (the good kind of fat J). Iron is an essential mineral that helps transport other nutrients throughout the body.


Where Can I Buy Cholaca?

Cholaca is used in coffee shops and breweries—go check them out here! Cholaca can be bought at Sprouts or from the company’s website.


Pure Cacao Apple Fries: A Whole30 Friendly Recipe

You will need:

-1 cup Cholaca Baking Chips

-3 tablespoons pure almond milk

-Sliced apples

-Your choice of chopped nuts (for toppings)

-Dried banana chips (for toppings)

-1.3tsp of coconut sugar (if you are not on Whole30)



Place milk chips in a microwave safe bowl. 

Next, pour your almond milk over the chips.

Microwave the mixture for 15 seconds.  Leaving the bowl in the microwave, stir the melting chips and milk. Microwave an additional 15 seconds and remove. 

(NOTE) If you are not on Whole30, feel free to add 1.5 tsp of coconut sugar, to make the mixture less bitter.

Lastly, dip sliced apples into melted cocoa, then sprinkle with desired toppings and ENJOY! 


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