Spring is in the Air!

t's back, IT'S BACK! My all-time favorite season has come to play-- Time to shed those sweaters and break out the beach-wear.  It's the perfect opportunity for me to get out and stretch my legs, which is fortunate considering I'm on a mission to get active and change my life!  The best part about this season of new beginnings, new growth, and new love has been just that: the overwhelming abundance of love that I realized has always been right under my nose (so in a way.. it's new).  This past week has been such an incredible experience as friends and family have sent encouraging texts, emails, and words of encouragement.  My love tank is full and you know what happens when a tank is on full?? It can go for MILES.. and that’s just what I’ve done this past week!

Let’s hit the ground running on where I have been this week:

I started the week with one by tackling one of my most anticipated (and feared) goals.  DANCE CLASS!!  The class I chose to attend was an adult dance class at a local dance studio- with a disclaimer that it welcomed girls of all levels.  However, when I arrived at the class, it had several (if not all) advanced dancers attending.  Luckily, I had my main ladies with me to help calm my nerves.  Defeating my fears and anxieties with courage is part of my new mentality, so you know what I did?  I jumped in with both feet and HAD A BLAST! I may not have been the best dancer in the class, but I shook my booty with the best of them.  I’ve decided because I had such a good time, that I’m going back every Monday. Helloooo #MovementMonday!!

I decided Tuesday should be a bit more challenging, so I dove right into a local Cross Fit gym.  Let me tell you, cross-fitters don’t mess around!  An hour of running, strength training, and sweating can sure do wonders to your energy levels.  Have I mentioned that I feel 15 again??  All this exercising has me so sore, but so full of life.  If you haven’t given Cross Fit a chance, DO - it’ll rock your world!

This journey is about finding both physical and mental peace within myself, so yesterday I rested, reflected, and went to see a movie I have been dying to see! Today I am going to bring both of those worlds together with a long, peaceful run and some yoga. I may even steal a dip in the hot tub- who knows! How do you decompress?