Sore is an Understatement...

Non-stop activity is the reason for THIS season-- This week has been full of adventure, family and fun.

Last weekend was a particularly exciting weekend because it was a particularly LONG weekend! Thank goodness for holidays, beautiful weather, and supportive friends/family…  One person I am extremely thankful for is my boyfriend, Andrew. He has been so much fun to explore and grow with! Scratching off items from both of our bucket lists has made this new journey that much more fun.

Starting the weekend off right, we did what any sophisticated Texan does to appease our hunger... WE HIT THE CRAWFISH JOINT! By crawfish joint, I mean Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse in Addison, Tx. Don’t be fooled by the deceiving name, this place has one steak on the menu and it’s found behind the dessert options! This pink, whimsical establishment serves the best Étouffée, creole, craw daddies, and po’boys (or T-boys) around. If you're going to do anything right... get the crawfish TURBO style!! Their recipes might as well have come from the swamps of Louisiana! One thing about a southern girl, there are very few things she will do to get her hands dirty… but crawfish is one of them!!

Friday we went for a long run around the lake, soaking in the sun and feeling free of responsibility. It was a perfect day ended by a perfect night celebrating with family and friends… where did we overwhelm our pallets and drown away worries of the world??

MAX’S WINE DIVE in Uptown! If you haven’t been- you must go! Southern Fried Chicken and champagne is their specialty, and let me be the first to say… you will not be disappointed. Also a must on their menu: MAC’n’CHEESE! NOM. It may not be healthy, but my journey is about loving and living my life and I’m doing just that.

Saturday we took fitness to the next level and went paddle boarding for the first time. We both had this item on our bucket list! No big surprise—WE LOVED IT! Gliding on the water was a blast, and it put a huge thirst for more in our mouths. We couldn't get enough. If you haven’t tried, you must! Let’s just put it this way… does anyone have a favorite brand of board or suggestion for us?? BECAUSE WE ARE BUYING! Also, how about southern and central US spots that are a must see?? My ears are open and my gas tank full. Bring on the answers!


I could go on and on about all the activity I have been pursuing since my journey began. Cross Fit, Dance, and Paddle Boarding were all on the list but cooking was as well… This week got a little fishy if you ask me, but the best kind of fishy! What’s for dinner? AHI TUNA TOWERS!  Check out today's recipe of the week for my little slice of heaven!