Friday Faves: A Full Makeover

Today’s “Friday Faves” post is a little longer than the last, mainly because it’s combining two weeks of favorites in to one! 

A little back story as to why:: Last week, I took some much needed time for R&R with Andrew (after having a really rough week – particularly Friday!) and decided to let myself off the hook for my scheduled post.  Through my blogging journey, I’ve discovered that my path to success is driven by listening to my own needs and allowing myself space to “let myself down” or not meet my self-induced, super-high expectations.  It’s been such a great chance to get to know myself and develop a healthy relationship with stress and my body! 

So now that you know you have a bunch to look forward to and why, let’s get the party started! 

I’ve had such a great time the past few weeks shopping for the new season, updating my tech equipment, and pushing myself to get fit that there’s a huge variety in my favorites this time around.


Let’s start with the device that makes all of my blogging dreams come true – The iPhone!  Not many of you know (because I couldn’t snap, call, or text), but I was in Dallas two weeks ago for a wedding.  While there, I dropped my phone and the screen died. Like immediately. Into a million little pieces.  I wasn’t upset though… Why?  Because I was still sporting the iPhone 6 16G in white and I seriously deserved an upgrade after that trauma.  I could only have 100 photos, NO music, and 3 videos on my phone at any given time.

CONVENTIENTLY!!! The new iPhone 7 was released the day after I got back to Denver!  Of course I decided to go with the rose gold one with 220-something GB of data.  I don’t even know what to do with all the extra memory space, but I love it!  The phone is definitely my favorite version yet.  The button isn’t as bad as people are making it seem; it still feels like a button when you push it and the sensitivity makes it so much easier to handle!   

A few other things I really like about the phone?  The camera – IT’S AMAZING!  I don’t even carry my DSLR camera anymore.  I also really like the Bluetooth headphone capability and haven’t missed the headphone jack.  The last thing I love about my new phone is MY CASE.  A huge shout out to Kate Spade for the party case – the new phone really is worth celebrating!  Shop my case here.


I was so excited for mail day this past Tuesday that when the package came I almost hugged the mailman!  These new Tory Burch sunglasses are absolutely going to be a fall favorite this season.  The yellow ear pieces are the perfect color of mustard and the turtle shell frames are everything.  I love that big lenses with pointed frames are coming back (along with chokers and wide-legged pants!).  I feel like I am reliving 3 different generations middle school experiences! 

The best part, I got them from a wonderful store in Dallas, Carlens Luxury Optical.  They always have the best prices.  If you are on the market for some new shades, give them a call or stop by their store – They are offering 20% OFF to anyone who mentions The Novice Native sent them… in case you didn’t realize, that’s a lot off a pair of sunnies!  They are located in Dallas off of HW75 (Central Expressway) & Park Ln or you can visit their website here.


This week’s fashion find is a two-for-one special!    

I had such a wonderful response to my date night outfit this past week, mainly the jeans, that I decided to feature them today.  They are SO comfy and definitely a FAVE in my closet.  To be honest, I’ve had them for 2 years and still wear them every chance I get…. So where do the magic jeans come from?  Express!  They aren’t selling this color anymore, but I found a darker version of them HERE !

My second obsession this week is this Blanket Scarf.  I have completely jumped on the scarf train.  They are so soft and definitely big enough to keep your neck warm.  I would have to say that my favorite part about this particular scarf is its ability to act like a blanket when I’m really cold; I can take it off my neck, unfold it, and wrap it around my shoulders like a blanket… Needless to say, it’s been properly named. 

(photos by Alex_Takes_Photos IG:: @alex_takes_photos)


Last on today’s list, but certainly not least, is my new tool in battling the effects of my car accident.  I had so many questions about my accident after posting about getting Botox that I decided to share another tool I’ve used to help with the muscle tension and spasms related to whiplash. 

This series of tools is a product of RAD ROLLER.  They are a Denver-based company who create rollers and massage tools that tailor to smaller areas.  If you need an example, the photo above shows me rolling a very small area of my neck without hurting other areas or pulling my hair!  I was introduced to them at a Lululemon event a few months ago and fell in love with their products. (p.s. that's where my leggings are from)

The tiny rollers and balls have been life savers, significantly reducing the number of massages I’ve received since beginning to use them.  I “roll out” my tension spots on a daily basis and use the balls on pressure points I was trained help with overall well-being.  My hands are the primary place I use them, as I spend a lot of time writing and typing.  They provide a ton of relief when I’m starting to feel fatigued.  You can check them out here, and feel free to ask me any questions!! 

My full set of tools HERE

Loving Your Body is a Lifestyle

Truth::  Loving your body is a hard at every age.  I used to think it got better with age, but i was wrong... I do, however, believe that movements of "self love" and "self acceptance" are bringing to light how hard it is to be a woman.  I'll go further to say that they are calling attention to the horrifying fact that we are told, from the time we are little, that we are to be thin, healthy, happy, and have everything we deserve in life because it's what we were born for.  But what is happiness?  What things in life are important? And where is the line between wanting to be better and being obsessed when it comes to self improvement?  I get lost in thought trying to sort out my feelings on it, much less have a solid answer to any one of these questions!

Luckily, I very good friend of mine: MR. BRANDON HILL of @HowdyBrandon set out to help women identify these feelings and learn how to love their body despite what the world around tells them how they should feel.  His mission was created to support his beautiful wife, Ashley.  He wanted to create a space where she felt safe and secure in who she was and in doing so, he started a movement that sweeping Denver off their feet!  His awareness and presence in the Denver Fashion blogging community has been indescribable, as he is pushing all of us to grow outside of our comfort zones and opening our eyes to the struggles that we may (or may not) realize influence us.

In his movement #cleanandstrong, Brandon is promoting a well rounded lifestyle and an openness to "self love" that can only be taught!  His magazine is dedicated to the growth of women and short "lessons" if you will on how to find happiness in a balanced life!  You can't afford not to check it out.  Even if you love yourself, purchasing the magazine with continue to promote this movement of acceptance!

Just for being a follower, you will receive $10 OFF with the code "THENOVICENATIVE"

Get your lovable booties over there-- you may just see a familiar face!! #CLEANANDSTRONG 


I also have to say how much I love these two humans... In addition to the #cleanandstrong campaign, Ashley and Brandon have started a weekly YouTube episode documenting their lives and growth!  It's hilarious, funny, and I honestly think Bravo should cast them to have a reality show.  I've linked the episodes below because I watch for them every week!

Why You Should Juice Every Few Months

Andrew and I started juicing this past year after moving to Colorado...  I know exactly what you are thinking - We moved from the "Big City" to Granola-Town and of course went hippie,  but I promise you that isn't the case!

After moving to Downtown Denver, we found ourselves in awe of all of the amazing restaurants and culinary creativity this town harbors.  Every night we liked to experience a different happy hour and try a new place for dinner.  It was the best few months - so we thought!  But after a while, we found ourselves feeling tired and sluggish.  The desire to work out had become a mere dream and the pounds started packing on!  

When we got engaged, we both had a renewed interest in losing weight (the right way) and presenting the best versions of ourselves for our soon-to-be spouse!  However, after an extended holiday from working out, I was still struggling to get back on the train.  That's when I had the idea to juice.  

Wanting to do it the right way, I did a ton of research and found that not all juices are alike.  The ones you buy in store are highly processed to make them last longer on the shelves, and most of the time have been made in a way that your body can't absorb all the nutrients you need.  So I kept digging!  Finally, I came across one of the best companies in the industry, Denver's very own: THE JUICING TREE.  The local store cold presses their juices fresh every morning!  A huge win in my book - yipeeee!!  The best part?  They will deliver the juices to your door, making the whole process easier.

The first "juice" I did was only three days long, but the impact was dramatic.  On Day 1, my juices arrived via carrier at my office, fully numbered in the order I was to drink them.  This numbering made it so easy to follow, not to mention the experts at The Juicing Tree knew just when my body would be craving something and the next juice settled that craving!  The juices were filling and I never found myself hungry or crabby (which was a big fear going into it).  One of my favorite parts of the cleanse was the fact that  I was getting all the calories I needed that day, but my body felt a million times better.  I had more energy, more focus, and a desire to workout because I was showing my body a little love when it came to food!

The next "juice" Andrew and I did together.  This time, we did the full 5 days!  Our experience was absolutely the same as my first and Andrew quickly joined me on Team Healthy.  We began to change the way we viewed ourselves, as well as the way to wanted to live.  We hired a trainer (who will be featured this Friday for wedding prep) and now juice every few months!

If you haven't checked them out, you definitely should- you really can taste the difference!

Resolutions:: The Real Way to Set Goals!

Photo by: @Alex_Takes_Photos

Photo by: @Alex_Takes_Photos

Jewelry Details:  Watch ,  Ring ,  Necklace

Jewelry Details: Watch, Ring, Necklace

New Year’s Eve is an exciting day!  The hustle and bustle of the crowds at the grocery store… The anxious preparations in the bathroom as you prepare for the glamorous night out… And the quiet time found when drinking coffee, used as a space to reflect on the past year and set positive goals for the year ahead.  This is one of my favorite days of the year!

This year, I am extra excited because I’ll be spending the night dancing and celebrating the wedding of my closest cousin, Hannah!  This next year also brings with it a special place in my heart, as Andrew and I will be closing on a house we built, getting married, traveling, making memories, and beginning to set goals for our future. 

As I sit here, in my quiet time, I am making a list of goal for the next year.  Resolutions, I guess I should call them…  I’m making a list of personal and joint goals I’d like to see us accomplish and work towards throughout the next 12 months. 

Making goals is not only important for personal growth… it’s an important mile marker for a person to use as they journey through the year.  Accomplishing goals, or tasks that move a person towards a final product, is a great way to give that little pat on the back and says, “You’re doing it!  Keep it up.  One day at a time!” 

There are a lot of people who advise people to abandon the ritual of setting New Years Resolutions, stating they hardly stick and make people feel worse about themselves… but in my honest opinion, I think that’s ludicrous!  When has taken time to reflect on life choices and intentionally move into a better space been bad for a person?  I understand the feel of failure, if the goals aren’t met, but I think the desire to try to be better is the first step in real change.  Maybe it doesn’t happen the first time, but for every misstep, there is always something to be learned.  Getting to a finish line doesn’t have to be a straight race, taking time to learn about yourself and making mistakes is the best way to fully understanding your “why” and giving you the confidence to believe in the new you when things get tough.

With these things on my mind, I’d like to share my personal resolutions with you all!  Throughout this next year, I’d like you all to help keep me accountable and I’d love to do the same for you… so here they are – the #becomingbarrilleaux resolutions!

1.     Work out more frequently

2.     Stop eating McDonalds once a week

3.     Learn more about the food I am putting in my body

4.     Be pickier with the food I am putting in my body

5.     Keep my opinion of others to myself

6.     Have an open mind about trying new things

7.     Travel

8.     Begin journaling

9.     Love with all my heart

10. Laugh at least twice a day

11. Be the best wife I can be

12. Be patient when things get sticky

13. Make dinner more than once every 3 weeks

14. Set financial goals for each month and stick to them

I’m a huge believer that every facet of my life affects my happiness.  My goals are meant to make me better rounded, not just at the top of my game in one place in my life.  Try to consider the most important things in your life when setting your goals… Don’t just strive to be skinny and fit, strive to be fit both mentally and physically.  This doesn’t mean just going to the gym… It means getting financially fit, relationship fit, family fit, and physically fit. 

What a better way to ring in the New Year than with a wedding and a workout!!  If you like the jewelry in my look, be sure to check out Hyde Park's Luxe List in Cherry Creek Mall, or visit them on their website here!  If you purchase $250 in jewelry, you will receive a free pair of earrings (valued at $195) for being a Novice Native follower!!

Can't Stop, Won't Stop:: Why You Shouldn't Give Up!

Can't Stop, Won't Stop:: Why You Shouldn't Give Up!

Picture this:  You’re tired and sweaty, hunched over, desperately trying to catch your breath.  Your body wants you to quit, but something in you is demanding you keep pushing - it knows there’s a prize at the end.  You take one last deep breath, pick yourself back up (you, and the extra 40 pounds your packing), and turn to face the beast itself, knowing you have to win.  Putting one foot in front of the other, you begin to final stage of your journey.

Treat Me Like Royalty, My Advanced Spa!

Treat Me Like Royalty, My Advanced Spa!

I’m really picky when it comes to spas.  I’m sure everyone knows what I mean when I say I don’t want to be treated like an object on an assembly line... So when I find a place that treats me like a princess and an important individual-- I want to share it with the world!