A Complete Guide to a Denver Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties offer some of the best opportunities for fun in Denver. A night out in the city is an activity that will certainly leave you with some great memories, especially for this milestone celebration. It's always a great time when you're able to get the girls together for a night out on the town considering all of the conflicting work schedules in this modern day. Like any party, it can be a bit intimidating to start planning, but there are a ton of options for you to choose from when you're preparing for a Denver bachelor party.


Paint and Wine

Attending a paint and wine session at a destination like Sipping N Painting or Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio is an excellent option! You usually have the option of bringing your own beverage or choosing from their simple beer and wine selection. An instructor guides you through a painting step by step, and in the end you get to take your creation home. Often times you can choose which image you're going to paint if you're planning an event with a large group.


Pole Dancing or Aerial Classes

These physical activities should definitely be reserved for the period before you start drinking! Pole dancing at a spot like Tease Studio is a great way to get in touch with your sensual side and bust out of your comfort zone. Aerial classes at Gravity Aerial Arts can range from activities like calming yoga guided by the silks, or more intense training sessions that prepare you to look like Cirque du Soleil performers.


Winery and Brewery Tours

Checking out a winery or brewery is perfect for a group who enjoys a quieter atmosphere. You'll get to learn more about the process behind your favorite beverage and then enjoy the product. Each business has a different set of rules so be sure to give their websites a visit or give them a call before showing up with a group.


Using a Denver Party Bus to tie it Together

One of the most popular forms of transportation for bachelorette parties is a party bus, and for good reason. First of all, who wants to deal with finding directions, becoming the designated driver for the night, or being stuck in charge of ordering Ubers?


Reserving professional transportation ensures that you get to focus on being comfortable and entertained by the features that surround you. You wont be limited to one or two destinations when you have a chauffeur and a limousine, and everybody will be guaranteed to get home safely. Be sure to consider this luxury option for your bachelorette party.

Date Night at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Sloans Lake


Andrew and I love the movies!  

Well, that's not entirely true.  Before I met Andrew, I never really watched movies (unless it was in the theater).  And truthfully, the only reason I went to the movies was because the theater behind my house was amazing!  Alamo Drafthouse is a unique, quirky theater with small auditoriums and strict rules on talking/texting (god, I sound like my mother...).  Not only are the pre-show commercials entertaining and relevant, they serve AMAZING food and craft beers all movie long.  It's a little slice of millennial heaven!

Andrew on the other hand LOVES movies.  He can be dead tired - and extremely cranky - but somehow have enough energy to watch 2 movies on his iPad... When we first met, we played the whole "getting to know you game," asking each other questions and so forth.  One round, we somehow ended up on the topic of movies.  Andrew started asking me all about the movies I'd seen and which were my favorite.  Unfortunately, trying to see if we had that in common.  Let me just put it this way -- the conversation ended with Andrew asking: "Did you grow up under a rock?"  This came about after I confessed to never seeing Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Godfathers, and about a dozen other "classics".

Fast forward 5 years and here we are --  old, married, and running a business. Life gets hectic and we often times find ourselves planning out 1-on-1 time for Date Night.  We've done the dinner scene, are over the bar scene, and I find bowling alleys kind of gross.  So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Alamo Drafthouse (my little piece of Texas) was putting in a location 12 minutes from my house!!!

To celebrate the HUGE event that we had just learned was taking place, we immediately decided to pop over for a fun-filled date night full of Geeks Who Drink Trivia at BarFly and a thrilling adventure with Wonder Woman at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Sloans Lake!  The experience we had at this location was everything I hoped it would be.  Andrew and I loved the trivia rounds and some of the new items they had added to the menu hit so hard.  (and now I'm showing how much I love food - whoops!)  Seriously.  Get the Bahn Mi. 

If you are ever in the area, and looking for a unique experience to view a movie, I strongly recommend Alamo Drafthouse (Sloans Lake location).  Who knows, maybe you'll catch us there playing trivia on a Monday Night at 7:00 :] 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Alamo Drafthouse.  The opinions and text are all mine.

Bali, Indonesia -- Day 1 Seminyak

If you follow my Instagram, you are well aware that Andrew and I just spent 9 days in the most beautiful place on earth.  Not only was the scenery absolutely breathtaking, the people and the culture of Bali are rich, inviting, and remarkable.  After a relaxing and culture enriching vacation, it safe to say: Bali, Indonesia is one of our favorite places on earth!

After a 28 hour travel day, Andrew and I arrived in Bali at 1:00 am, only to be greeted by a wonderful heat and very welcome humidity level!  After living in Denver, any humidity is welcomed by this Texas native...  Anyway - because we arrived so late, Andrew and I decided not to spend the money on an "expensive" hotel room, and opted for the Hilton Garden Inn just 4 minutes from the hotel.  HOLY CRAP.  For a whole $22/night, we were able to stay in a gorgeous hotel room that would have easily cost $130+ in the states.  The bed was super comfortable and the pool was gorgeous (see photos of our "pool day" in the vlog above!).

After a delicious breakfast buffet, served by the Hilton staff, we headed to the pool to get some much needed sun before checking into our hotel reservation for the rest of the week.  On the way to our villa, we stopped at, what became a staple this trip, a quaint little restaurant owned by a French gentleman and his Balinese wife, Mofo Kitchen.  The smoothie bowls and quesadillas were AMAZING.  We literally ate at Mofo's 4 or 5 times during our 9 day stay in Bali.

After lunch, it was finally time to settle into our hotel: The Sanyas Suite villas were everything we hoped they would be.  They were gorgeous, clean, and private -- great for two people celebrating their 1-year anniversary!  One of the main reasons we chose Bali was how affordable everything was, and The Sanyas Suite was no exception... for only $100/night, we were able to enjoy this amazing private villa, complete with a kitchenette, a private pool, and a really comfortable king bed.

After getting settled in, we headed off to one of Seminyak's most popular beach clubs: Potato Head Beach Club!  The walk there was nothing short of mesmerizing, with a gorgeous sunset to welcome us to the beach.  We trotted across the warm sand over to the entrance to the club.  It was magical.  I've always told Andrew I wanted to go to a nighttime pool party, and this club just marked that off my bucket list!  We had a blast as we sipped drinks and danced to the pop music, under the salty air.  

Day 2 was just as exciting -- don't miss a beat and catch it here:


About My Looks:

Pool Day

Hat: Swoosie's Denver

Spray Tan: Glamour Bar Denver

Shoes: Sam & Libby Esther (Target)

Swimsuit: Becca Prairie Rose

Potato Head Night Out

Romper: Xhiliration (Target)

Shoes: Kate Spade New York

Weekend Getaway to Keystone CO - A Complete Travel Guide

Weekend Getaway to Keystone CO - A Complete Travel Guide

A 2017 Ski Trip to Keystone Colorado.  Shows accommodations, restaurant advice, entertainment ideas and more!  Thanks to Summit County Mountain Retreats for Sponsoring our trip!

A Parfait, S'il Vouz Plait!

Andrew and I love eating healthy!  We love the feeling of doing something good for our bodies and having the energy we need to power through a tough work day.  So why don't we eat healthy all the time?  Because we don't have the time.  Unfortunately, with 2 little nuggets running around (and by nuggets I mean puppies), we don't have time to make breakfast "the proper way!"  We typically wake up about 30 minutes late, run to get ready/take care of the pups, then race out the door with nothing but a banana in hand!  Thankfully, I decided to try a new little trick and boy did it make things better.  This Noosa Yoghurt Parfait is the perfect breakfast for a healthy couple on the go! 




While perusing Sprouts the other day, I came across a few yummy ingredients I knew Andrew would love:  Noosa Yoghurt, Fiona's Natural Food Almond Millet Granola, and a cartridge of Organic Strawberries that smelled amazing!  We love finding products with legible ingredients and delicious taste.  All of these products were a slam dunk in our book.

 The one product I want to highlight is this Fiona's granola... I am never satisfied with granola; it's always too soggy, too hard, too bland, or contains WAY TOO MUCH sugar!  Fiona's was a complete surprise and I couldn't have fallen more in love.  The bag contains larger nuggets of granola for those who like to snack, but there is an even number of nibbles parceled in the bag for those who like Parfaits!  The flavor is packed full and you can read all 7 of the ingredients.  YEP- you heard right - 7, and not one of them is sugar, stevia, or corn syrup!  For the record... we have tried 3 of their flavors and love every single one of them :)

If you're looking for a delicious, healthy new granola, please check out Fiona's Natural Food, available at your neighborhood Sprouts Farmers Market!




1 container of Noosa Yoghurt, Blueberry

3 Large Organic Strawberries

1/3 cup Fiona's Granola, Almond Millet


In a small glass bowl, scoop half of the Noosa Yoghurt into your dish.  Then slice the 3 strawberries and use to top the yoghurt.  Sprinkle Fiona's Granola on top of your strawberries.  Tops with whip topping, if you please.  Enjoy!