I'm transforming my life into a full blown adventure!  This blog documents my journey. The journey of discovering myself in my 20’s and positioning myself to be a well-rounded 30 year old (eventually). Follow me as I try new looks, foods, hairstyles, workouts, travel to new places, and fall in love...

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This past year I've traveled to snow-capped mountains to ski, the tropics to soak up the sun, and quaint little islands with wild horses roaming the resorts!  

The only question now is where to go next? Feed your wanderlust and check out my latest adventure! Recommend a trip? I would love to hear about it! 


Whether it's my newest gluten-free recipe, or a gem of a cafe in NYC, I love sharing with you all my latest foodie moments!

My favorite food, if I had to pick? Thai; because crunchy and spicy is the best combo! Bon Appetite!


Fun Fact: I didn't grow up a girly-girl and my closet suffered from it the majority on my youth (google JNCO jeans) -- but finding your true self is a journey!  Turns out the real me LOVES fashion, seasonal color pallets, and all things chic!

See what boutiques I'm collaborating with in my "Shop with Me" section, or see my Lookbook below!

Current Post Favorites


I know I shouldn't have favorites, but here's some of my current faves that I wanted to share with you all! 

For most, the change of seasons brings on heightened feelings of love and wanderlust - I'm certainly not the exception.  These next few month's I'll be taking you along on my journey to getting married, buying a house, soaking up the sun, getting a puppy, and getting bangs! Here's what you've missed so far:



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